Modern Warfare 2 - First digital screenshot

Activision has published the first official, digital (not scanned) screenshot of Modern Warfare 2.

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Hydrolex3437d ago

umm it's funny how COD is killing itself, AWFUL Graphics !!

COD4 had better graphics than COD5 and now COD6 is going to have even worse graphics thand Cod5

Shadow Man3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

The Gaymer

Credit goes to Murderdolls :D

gears223437d ago

Lets hope that the quality of its gameplay is not like its visuals,which look bad for today's standards.

3437d ago
chaosatom3437d ago

talking about graphics.

popup3437d ago

Don't these games run @60fps? If so, you can imagine why it loses out in terms of a graphical wow factor.

aksmashh3437d ago

What I Mean By Fake Is Its Not InGame So I Dont Care.

& I Don't Know How People Are Judging The Visuals? You Can Only Do That When You See A Picture Of A Gun Infront Of You

velaxun3437d ago

I thought that looked pretty good... Not Killzone 2 quality obviously but still looks great. I dunno why you guys don't like it

antoinetm3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Im playing CoD for the intensity not for the gfx.

CoD is the master when it comes to FPS.

Im paying for the fun not for the eye candy and this is what CoD is all about!

PS: ur console hardware didnt magically upgrade itself overnight so dont except better gfx each time they create a new iteration

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rawrockkillz3437d ago

Looks fine to me. They might have to cut back on some graphical features to make the levels more open but they have plenty of time to make visual enhancements to the game before November. This screen could also be from an earlier build of the game.

- Ghost of Sparta -3437d ago

MAG does 256 player matches and still manages to look as good as Modern Warfare 2. Just saying, the graphics look like a step DOWN from COD4.

thedarkvault3437d ago

although we'll see if MAG can run at a constant 60 frames a second.

raztad3437d ago

I dont understand why a shooter NEEDS to run at 60fps. Most shooters are 30fps locked and run butter-smooth.

SaberEdge3437d ago

Uh, MAG looks a little worse in my opinion. Of course it has a huge number of players so it can be forgiven, but just saying...

ambientFLIER3437d ago

Lol. The trailer for Mag that I saw made it looks like a ps2 game. No detail, crappy textures. Or did you honestly believe that having 256 players wouldn't affect anything? What a joke.

socomnick3437d ago

mag looks like a psp game.

KaBaW3437d ago

Both games look impressive.

But, for all y'all.
I'd rather play a game using stick figures but with amazing gameplay,
Rather than amazing graphics with crappy gameplay.. But, that's just me.

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