Punch-Out!! $39.82 at Walmart

Punch-Out!! is only $39.82 right now at Walmart.

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dericb113485d ago

I have to disagree(But won't hit the button lol). This is a really awesome remake. Not really new but the game is fun. My PS3 gets played more the the Wii but this is why I turn it on and TvC Import.

If you own a Wii get this by any means necessary.

jadenkorri3485d ago

59.99 was way too expensive, 39.99 not too bad

Torch3485d ago

Forty bucks is the sweet spot for this game.

Make no mistake: I'm absolutely LOVING this game, but paying $60 for it is a little painful, considering that the experience (i.e., gameplay) isn't very deep, and is over relatively quickly.

But for any of you on the fence, or fans of the original game: this game is an absolute BLAST and worth the $40.

Great, addictive, old-school fun!

ActionBastard3485d ago

This is an awesome remake. Fun, old school, but new feeling. I must say, this is the first game I've dusted off the Wii to play. Absolutely fantastic game. Also, where the hell do you guys live because it's normally $49.99 here in Ohio?

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Henry Cain3485d ago

Reggie said this game would be better than Fight Night 4, is this true?

Bnet3433485d ago

lol he was probably drunk. That says a lot about the Wii. PS3/360 get Fight Night 4, a realistic boxing game with unparalleled graphics while Wii gets a kiddie boxing game that was good 20 years ago.

cmacdonald3485d ago

Remakes should never be full price.

krouse933485d ago

Ever, even if there was a Fire!

slave2Dcontroller3485d ago

I paid $49.99 bc I juuuuuuuuust haaaaaaaaaaaad to have it day 1. Still, no regrets and this game has caused me to have a brief love affair with my Wii. It also makes me glad I didnt sell my Wii like I was going to do. The game is just that fun, amazing, and also suprisingly challenging. Ninty finally threw the Core a bone.

To you lame ass morons clowning Punch Out, your idiots. The Wii is kinda of a joke to most of us and with good reason, but this is TRULY a diamond in the ruff.

Off Topic- I just received a call from Ashley and My inFamous will be availible for pick up tomorrow morning along with my Giga Watt Blades!!! XD

Alcohog3485d ago

I wish it was a little cheaper considering the content. I flew through my first play-through in under 2 hours. I started to think how maybe I should have just rented it, but its kinda one of those games you gotta have in your collection. Good fun with a tried and true formula.

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