The best and worst video game lookalikes

VirginMedia: Video game tie-ins for big summer movies have been going on for decades, but now actual actors are involved the result is often some hilariously bad virtual stand-ins. We take a tour of the best and worst...

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REALgamer3433d ago

That the 'likeness' of Ben Stiller in the Night at the Museum 2 game looks anything like him?!

From that screenshot in the article I can't believe they even advertise it on the box. It's like they'd never seen him before and had to make the model on a description of him as 'white male, short brown hair, no facial hair' and that's all it takes for a 'likeness'.

mindedone3432d ago

He doesn't believe it looks a thing like him.

Mr Face Creamer3433d ago

The Don looks really good in the videogame and so does Vin Diesel in Chronicles of Riddick... But a huge ROFL at Ben Stiller's graphics and looks.

hay3433d ago

John Connor in game was supposed to look different than in the movie. They somehow didn't get Bale as a role model for the game. It isn't look-a-like at all.

bjornbear3433d ago

Why? Why didn't you wanna go into the game? Probably the best one on the list (together with Diesle's games) "Ohh but its violent" come on! Get a grip it isn't Manhunt ffs =P

And wheres X-Men Origins? That was quite close imo!