A Call to Artificial Arms

Gamer Limit writes, "Take a quick look around your room. What do you see? Besides your furniture, consoles, games, and television you may notice a plethora of game controllers. How about a dusty Wii Zapper? Perhaps a couple bulky plastic guitars? A cumbersome drum kit? There is evidence in your domicile that plastic pistols and replica rifles are being sorely neglected in the technologically advancing world of video games. This is a call to artificial arms."

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chrisjc3486d ago

I lost my super scope :-(

Sad times.

Fullish3486d ago

Super Scope? I sold mine... Honestly it was garbage.

AcesAndEights3486d ago

Pretty sure mine broke, was kind of cool, but the Time Crisis gun was much funkier.

Ziriux3486d ago

Great article. I'm a leet sniperist.