Koku Gamer: Rock Band Unplugged Review

Koku Gamer writes: "I absolutely love rhythm games. From the superb Samba de Amigo on the Dreamcast to titles such as Beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution there is nothing better than playing along to your favorite songs and watching your score skyrocket as you pull off combos that would make the likes of Slash and Michael Jackson blush."

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Ziriux3436d ago

I'm just not sure about this game on a PSP without a Guitar, just feels odd.

DNAgent3436d ago

I don't think games need an unnecessary overpriced peripheral for it to be fun.

Icemael3436d ago

Good review, I might give this game a try.

Polluted3436d ago

Slash & Michael Jackson?

Delriach3436d ago

If you guys ever played Frequency or Amplitude, you will love this game.

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