Honest Gamers: ZEN Pinball Review

Honest Gamers writes: "I'm not an addict, though, nor am I particularly enamored. My conclusion after a few hours with Zen Pinball was that I'd rather go back to something like Dream Pinball 3D or the bounty of excellent tables offered by Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. Because those titles are budget-priced, purchasing either of them doesn't cost a lot more than purchasing this one. The real deciding factors here are online play and the convenience and price of a PlayStation Network download. What's all of that worth to you?"

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maxbyte3435d ago

Honest gamer - to young to remember the magic of real pinball machines. Hence the cold headed review.

ian723435d ago

This is an amazing game. If you like pinball you'll love this.
More tables coming as DLC also.