Eurogamer Portugal Review: Killzone 2 - Steel & Titanium

Editor writes: "The package of maps Killzone 2: Steel and Titanium meets with the mission it is proposed and previously reported to prolong the longevity and maintain some freshness. Two new maps fun and enjoyable, but it has in its price the main enemy and the main question that arises to potential buyers. But at the end of the responsibility to decide whether each is worth paying for two maps almost the same as for a full PSN game."

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Gue13436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

hey Colbot, are you being sarcastic again? mmmmmmMMMMmm

or is this your true self? a bot.

PirateThom3436d ago

You want to know the weirdest thing?

This map pack has a listing on Metacritic. What a sad state of affairs that a map pack can be given a rating as if it's a game...

table3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

really? what a bunch of bullsh*t. As someone said below, how do they even rate map packs? Do they give a score whilst taking into consideration the price or something!? Ridiculous...

redsquad3436d ago

They'll probably combine the Meta score for the STEEL AND TIT pack with the one for the retail version of KILLZONE 2 to get it down a bit!;)

aksmashh3436d ago

People Are Complaining Because Theyve Bought It Already (Like Me)

The Main Problem Its Hard To Find A Game Because Its Not In Cycle With Other Maps,I Would Only Buy It If Your Friends Have It Unless You Play By Yourself Anyway. Vetka 8/10 Bullet(Train) 6/10 Comparing To Other Maps

I Would Wait For The New Maps (June 1) They Better Be Not $5

king dong3436d ago

thats what this gen is turning into...sites doing stupid pointless stuff to increase hits from f^&king pathetic virgin fanturds that sit on both sides of the fence.

lets take n4g for instance, stuffed full of sorry loser sony fanturds. so, you get loads of ridiculous nothing sites writing the crappiest know-nothing articles just to get hits from the sony army on here. if it's an attack on the 360, it will generate hits whilst it moves up in degrees, if it's any slight against sony, it's a conspiracy, it's lame or they're just trying to get hits.

before you attack me fanturds, i have all three consoles, and had a very enjoyable 3 hours this afternoon on killzone2 on-line. it's a good game that enjoy vey much.

and as for the map pack in's ok, a little pricey for two maps, but the devs have mortgages to pay like the rest of us, and nothing is free in this world...something some of the pathetic fanboys on here will realise when they grow up. but, like the rest of the maps on the game, they get the job done! they dont break any ground, but they give you a good time when you play on them....

RememberThe3573436d ago

reviewers really don't need to be reviewing DLC. players can but it's a waist to have reviewers review DLC.

Especially a map pack.

Bonsai12143436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

it is funny to be reviewing a map pack, but the maps honestly aren't that good. the train level especially blows hard. give me something like pyrus rise mk 2 and i'll be happy.

or, a jungle level. how sick would that be.

Sayai jin3436d ago

@PirateThom- I agree. They should not review a map pack as if it is a game. If they are grading it on the quality and basing it on only being a map pack then okay, but I am not sure this is the case. I think they review game add-ons like expansions differently. So they should do the same for map packs. This is this is not the first map pack to get a review, those like Resistance, Halo, etc are also on Metacritic. Oh well screw the score they gave it then new maps are appreciated.

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Mr Face Creamer3436d ago

People don't expect to pay 10$ for maps unless they're something legendary such as the Halo 3 map packs.

10$ DLC should only be charged on single-player campaign missions.

lloyd_wonder3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Except these maps are only $5.99 and well worth it. imo. Killzone 2 is quickly becoming my favorite FPS with its unique online and post- launch support.

Anyways, how the hell do you review a map pack? I guess personal taste and all...

OmarJA3436d ago Show
ultimolu3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

What the hell does Halo have to do with this?
Again, what does Halo have to do with this?

BulletToothtony3436d ago

oh goodness.. halo always comes out when fanboys get threatened...

redsquad3435d ago

So you WOULD pay $10 for maps, but only for HALO 3???
Microsoft loves you!

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xaviertooth3436d ago

lol! eurogamer is trying hard... so lame so pathetic!

Shadow Man3436d ago

psn support flops, even DLC on the ps3 flops LOL

pwnsause3436d ago

so now we rate DLC map Packs? WTF?

raztad3436d ago

This trend begun when MS and its paid devels begun to advertise their DLC as full retail games :D

ultimolu3436d ago

This calls for a WTF moment. I'm WTF'ing in my mind right now.