Circuit City Still Showing a Sign of Life?

I was one of the few guys who actually ordered games and such off of circuit city. Being a subscriber to Circuit City online, earlier this morning, I received an interesting e-mail from circuit city. Read what its about after the jump.

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Ziriux4063d ago

No such thing as Circuit City anymore, the only reason the online is still around is because the liquidators are trying to sell of stock.

Pandamobile4063d ago

Did you read the freaking article?

Systemax, the parent company of Tigerdirect and CompUSA bought it. Circuit City is back in business.

free2game3654063d ago

Well it could relaunch, it's hard to say, but it would be good if there were more competition on the retail side of things.

silverchode4063d ago

didnt comp usa go out of business

Ziriux4063d ago

Yes, I read the article, I worked at the company broseph. It will get a name change to start fresh. Also if you follow business even remotely you'd know CompUSA has been shut down over a year.

lashes2ashes4063d ago

comp usa is being brought back. it was reported like 4 months ago

Ziriux4063d ago

Bad Idea in this economy, it will fail, like it did without a bad economy. Best Buy is simply the best out of all the electronic retailers.

Zeevious4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Please see this . . . Official as of May 19.

On May 19, 2009, Systemax Inc. purchased the Circuit City brand and website."


Systemax Inc., a leading multi-channel retailer of computers, electronics, and industrial products, has purchased the Circuit City brand, trademark, website and other assets. The purchased assets include the customer records of the original Circuit City.

As part of our "Customer First" initiative, and respect for your privacy, you can opt-out of having your personally identifiable information transferred to the new Circuit City...If you opt-out prior to June 9th, your personal information will be purged and you will no longer receive email communications from Circuit City.

If you wish to Opt-out of having your personal information transferred to the new, you can click here to opt-out now. If you have no objections, thank you. Stay tuned to discover the new and exciting world of the re-launched Lower Prices, Wider Selection, Faster Shipping, World Class Service!

As part of the re-launch, the new has adopted a new Privacy Policy."

. . .

You may have just been 'out of the loop' as a former customer.

The same thing was done with CompUSA & all TigerDirect outlet stores, recently re-branded & expanded to CompUSA stores...complete with "the all-new CompUSA" bags.

I'm looking at one from a purchase, right now.
I don't expect the retail stores to re-open, but they could easily be converted to CompUSA's.

In any event, CiruitCity IS re-launched, and IS back.
(and the prices look a heck of alot better than they did even when marked down '75%' off some fake-inflated price at store liquidations!)

Darkiewonder4063d ago

yeah. CompUSA must be shut down and these stores doesn't exist.

El_Colombiano4063d ago

So that CompUSA that I bought me Netbooks from was a figment of my imagination? I don't think it will fail. The awareness of technology is gowning amongst the non-techy population. I have faith in CompUSA for being so brave as to have a store aimed at computers.

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gumgum994063d ago

Long Live Circuit City !

PS360PCROCKS4063d ago

I was about to say "watch they're becoming online only now" lol than I read other posts and realized I'm just out of the loop. haha

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