Modern Warfare 2 screenshot

A screenshot from Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter.


More sreenshots added.

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Sunny_D3433d ago

It might be only one screen shot, but that's a really kicka$$ screen!

table3433d ago

yip. MW2 will look better than what the N4G community is making out. You can't possibly expect it to look as good as KZ2 and Uncharted2 as those games are made to optimise specific hardware and that will always produce the best results.

actas1233433d ago

Yes this is not gonna look as good as Uncharted 2 (because the later is exclusive) but it will definitely kick some major asss in the gameplay department.

Jinxstar3433d ago

This screen was in game informer already. I hate sites who use others screens for news. At least it didn't say "new"

D4RkNIKON3433d ago

You speak truth, I may have to start tracking you. I am looking forward to this game, I just hope they really step it up and bring something new to the table. Knowing IW's track record, they have never let us down.

boodybandit3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

that they show actual gameplay footage during the NBA Playoffs during half time?

Edit: It is tonight. They are showing a quick glimpse of actual gameplay. Found this when I googled ""World Premiere" of Modern Warfare 2 on May 24th by airing a 17 second teaser which gives us our first look at actual gameplay."

17 seconds just isn't long enough but it will have to do.

free2game3653433d ago

I'd say it's limited by a console being it's high end so you can't expect it to look any better than COD4.

rareairtone3433d ago

While the textures on the items in this game may not be thoroughly intricate, just the amount of things they put in each of these screens--hence, the locations in the game--show me that the atmosphere they create makes up for the lack of completely high-res textures. For me, a lot of these places look realistic because they decided to put a lot of extras in the environment instead of making things look kind of "brand new" like these places have barely ever been touched. On the 2 minute trailer, the character models didn't look the prettiest but they at least conveyed expressions and didn't look retarded haha

bpac1234567893433d ago

would i be wrong to say that im not that impressed by the screenshot? I know its still going to be a great game, and will most likely surpass killzone's single player and online, but it's definitely no graphical marvel imo.

flash743433d ago

It's going to be an awesome game whether it's the best looking on the market or not. It will easily dominate everything else in online play as soon as it releases, just like COD4 did. To be honest, I almost wish that they would completely scrap the story, and put all of that effort into the online component. Just call it COD online and give us tons of incredible maps and game options, along with higher levels of customization. Let's face it, most COD fans play the story once or twice, then turn around and put hundreds of hours into online.

Disagree? Settle it in the ring at,


Why bring Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 here? I think Xbox 360 owners including me understand that PS3 games has good graphics why cant PS3 owners just let go of the who has the best graphics thingy. This includes Xbox 360 owners bragging about sharper textures or whatever.


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diablokiller183433d ago

I for one did not like the first much but this one looks epic

BWS19823433d ago

that "the first Modern Warfare" wasn't liked, because Activision split it into it's own series now. So there was Modern Warfare 1 (which we all know is also COD4) least that's how I took it. Call of Duty 6 is really going to be what Treyarch is working on next, although I'm sure it may be a while before "Modern Warfare 2" shakes the "CoD 6" title, I don't know how long it'll take the new game series nomenclature to take hold in the industry and with the consumers...

BWS19823433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

on my above comment, I've loved all the CoD games (haven't played 3, but played all the others so far), I was trying to state what I thought Diablokiller was saying about him "not liking the first one", the first one being Modern Warfare 1...I actually liked it myself.

CestusGOWIII3433d ago

How did this get approved?

isn't this just a screen grab from the GI mag?

beans3433d ago

Who cares? It's sunday, and E3 is a week away, so until then just relax and enjoy. This shot looks very impressive by the way.

Ziriux3433d ago

That's what I was thinking, since I think this has been posted millions of times. But since we ALL love Call of Duty IW games, one screenshot never gets old.

xino3433d ago

Details from the cum image:

*Destructible environments
*Enemies or you/team can now use shields.
*4 players with shields, could this mean Co-oP 4 players?

terrandragon3433d ago

In the GI mag, they were only talking about 2-player co-op. The others are probably AI like the epilogue mission in Call of Duty 4.

PS360PCROCKS3433d ago

semi destructible yes, those aren't players they are A.I. with shields they never said either way if you could use them. 2 player, 4 player co-op doesn't exist in this game in the campaign. Co-op is only on special forces, which is what this screen shot is taken from. Special situations like mile high club that you can tackle with a friend.

DiLeCtioN3433d ago

ive seen this in a magazine scan with a few other screens

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