Five tips to improve movie-licensed tie-ins

Andy from has something that developers really need to read: five tips to improve movie-licensed tie-ins:

"...We've all been burned by poorly made movie tie-ins at some point in our lives, and being a completely and blindly loyal Spider-man fanboy, you can probably imagine that almost out of a sense of duty I've experienced my fair share of crap when it comes to licensed games. With the excellent Riddick game fresh in my memory and an apparently copiously fun Wolverine title taking a fair share of acclaim it made me wonder why so few games have succeeded in making competent and cohesive partners to their movie counterparts, and what steps developers can make to prevent themselves making the same mistakes over and over. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my four golden rules all developers considering taking on a movie licence should follow."

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BlackIceJoe3486d ago

Not a bad list at all. Having the same people voice the characters they play in the movies is always a nice touch. Also I would love to see more movie based games come out after the movie has already came out. Video games take longer to make normally then movies.

So when you cut that time to make the game come out a few weeks before the movie that means the game will be less good. I would prefer to see more video games come out when the DVD comes out this way you get at least another 6 months to work on the game. Even better would be if you could bring out the game whenever this way you are not tied up with the movie and can make the game an excellent game to enjoy.