Mortal Kombat movie series rebooted?

Just like the long-gestating "X-Files" sequel, the third "Mortal Kombat" movie has been swimming in the Development Hell Channel for quite a few years now. Apparently, and again like the former, it's delay can mainly be attributed to legal issues.

Insider 'Rayden' gave a quick run-down on what the deal is with it- whilst confirming that the film won't actually be a prequel or a sequel but more of a restart.

"The movie is not going to be a prequel, sequel, or in any form be related to the previous 2 movie. Pretty much like Batman Begins, is going to restart the series with new concepts, stories,etc.

"Threshold had to wait till around early 2000 for the contract with New Line Cinema to end (Threshold blames New Line for the disappointing Annihilation, talking about forced release dates, limited budget, no understanding of anything, etc.)...

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Torch4278d ago

who actually enjoyed the first movie?

Then again, that was a LONG time ago...

specialguest4278d ago

The first movie was great. Sub-Zero and Scropion portrayals were actually cooler than the game itself. The movie had a decent set and movie props.

The second one had terrible acting, was very cheesy, and had terrible CG at the end.

InMyOpinion4278d ago

I loved it! I was about 14-15 when I saw it though.

Ru4278d ago

I actually went and saw a theatrecal reproduction of the movie!
The original sonya from the video game played herself and I met and got her autograph with a smooch!

PureGamer4277d ago

fuk that, i want the new x files :)

Rasputin20114277d ago

Fukin Awesome to me dudes.

grifter0244277d ago

Yes I agree the Scorpion and Sub Zero Intro's were awesome... I mean playing as 2 of the coolest characters then seeing them come in like that was awesome... I had a chill run up my spine when I saw that Part.. I just hope that they make them a little more Kick Asss you know what I mean.. None of this dying easily like the first one....Ill be happy.

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