Kojima Set To Reveal Zone Of The Enders 3?

the first thing that caught my eye was the presence of a pattern, which is something that I did not read in any article. More importantly, I also noticed that the so-called lower case "e" looks to me more like a reversed "9". In fact, it was the only symbol out of the ordinary; meaning, not only was it the only symbol that could not be read, but it was also the only one that was reversed!

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Ziriux3529d ago

I rarely approve your articles, but this one isn't bad.

You do make a good point, plus the character in the pics looks as same as this guy on this cover:

Shadow Flare3529d ago

I really hope it is Zone of the Enders 3, and this article does make a good point. I wouldn't complain if it was a new mgs but i can wait for a new mgs cos we've just had a brilliant one. I'd rather have zoe3. Imagine, with use of the sixaxis motion controls, you could make an orbital frame do like a billion moves.

What now confuses me though is that magazine advert that used the ps eye. Because that obviously showed an mgs cardboard box. Who knows, maybe Kojima is making both games?

Downtown boogey3528d ago

How the heck do you get a Z from 5??
And that the other letters would imply "E3" is highly likely.
Also... I've heard that storm is "raiden" in Japanese... Also remember Sunny from MGS4... And that Raiden went to rescue Sunny from the patriots between MGS2 and 4. Sense?

ThanatosDMC3528d ago

Actually, i dont care if they dont use the Six Axis. I'd be happy if it's a 100 times more chaotic, have tons of insane battles with tons of things happening... like a war between Earth and Mars and Jehuty in the middle.

Or more Orbital Frames that are like Jehuty/Anubis size that can go toe to toe with Jehuty for an awesome battle.

Fleet battle like on the 2nd one with tons of things shooting at Jehuty.

BLuKhaos3528d ago

Oh god I hope it's ZOE3 for the PS3.I think the second ZOE was running one the same engine that MGS 2 ran on so it would make sense if the next ZOE ran on MGS4's engine.

DaTruth3528d ago

I've been wondering, since I played the first game; How do you pronounce "Jehuty"? A dictionary type pronunciation would help; Thanks!

BLuKhaos3528d ago

It's pronounced Jeh-who-tee.I'm sure the characters in ZOE2's intro pronounce the Jehuty's name correctly.


As much as I want a ZoE3 and don't want a MGS5 (now - just to make it clear), this article don't make any real point, like all those other "next" related articles.

Making philosophical assumption about the use of a reversed number that indicates a letter in the greek alphabet that actually reffers to a aramaic lunar phase, making up for Antichrist Yoshi's game, don't give those articles any credibility.

Is it that hard to wait more few days for some "solid" info? (pun intended)

Wasn't the teaser site, that revealed teaser countdown about teaser news in FTM (Famitsu Teaser Magazine) already teasing enough?

rockleex3528d ago

Because of the font the Kojima's website uses.

An "S" can be a "5". A "2" can be a "Z".

For example, look at the PS2 symbol. If you didn't know it stood for PS2, you could interpret it as P5Z.

Anyways, this ZOE3 thing could be true. But it could just be Kojima messing with us once again!

Is the announcement the next MGS? No! Its the next ZOE, MGS is just a cover up! But wait! Its actually MGS!!! ZOE is just a cover up on top of the MGS cover up!!

And it could go on forever and ever. O_o

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TrevorPhillips3529d ago

Im really looking forward to this game

360 man3528d ago

me too

cant wait to play it on xbox 360 ^_^

peeps3528d ago

would be interesting to see them put ze3 on 360 when the first 2 were ps2 exclusive


If you really "can't" wait 360 man, you will probably explode (and devs - or everybody else - won't give a sh!t).

When fanboys will learn to remain quiet when Kojima or Nomura are cited? The same goes for the other bunch of fankids that keeps bashing Gabe Newel or Itagaki.

Some devs just had made their minds already, you can admire their work, hope for one of its game in your console, but just assumption every dev out there is dying to make a game to YOUR platform of choice is just going to make you look (even more) dumb.

Monteblanco3529d ago

Clever. This is the kind of puzzle I could believe Kojima would prepare.

DA_SHREDDER3529d ago

The ps3 would officially be the best console of all time if this is true. Man ZOE is the bomb!