WorthPlaying: Hoyle Casino Games 2009 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "It's amazing how low game standards can get. Back in the days of Sierra, Hoyle Casino was a decent, if not amazing, game with solid online multiplayer, even on 28.8k dial-up connections. A decade later, on a solid DSL connection that regularly runs much more intensive games without difficulty, Hoyle Casino Games 2009 somehow manages to play many, many times slower. The game isn't just a lazy rehash of older versions, but it also manages to be worse in just about every way. Just like most casinos write their distinct rule sets and don't use the Hoyle rules for games, so players are advised to pull out cards and play on their own. If they want to play online, they should use just about anything else out there. The Internet has plenty of great free options for casino games, after all, and almost all of them are far superior to this creation".

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