Why Free Realms has drawn over a million gamers

Only 17 days after its official launch, Free Realms - the latest MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment - reached over one million registered players. While that number is only a fraction of MMO behemoths like World of Warcraft, it is nonetheless an impressive milestone for Free Realms. . .

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Chubear3437d ago

Very impressive. Wonder what it'll be like in a year.

shocky163437d ago

It'll probably be less then 1 million next year.

3437d ago
MxShade3432d ago

There are plenty of free games that haven't reached even a million players, muchless two million (just reached a day ago in FR.) Hardly a valid argument.

The real draw of 2 million registrations though, is the fact they've been advertising on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon (I don't think they've tapped Disney, though.)