How to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming

From Xboxist, "Tired of getting nagged by your girlfriend about how much time you spend gaming and not enough on her? Well, why not turn her over to the dark side? The happy couple is the couple that games together.

I was in your same predicament a while back. The way I got her into gaming was through..."

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hatchimatchi3435d ago

wii bowling

girls love it

N4g_null3435d ago

Buy a Wii or a DS.

wii fit
wii sports
wii play
and lots of puzzle VC games like columns or some thing.
Some VC mario love

On the DS new super mario bros

You get the idea once you get these games be sure to get some thing skill based like mario kart or bomber man. There is a reason why you could find girls at the local arcade, the games where much more fun.

If she like PCs then get her any thing online that doesn't rely on blood gushing every where.

Oh yeah show her how to get america's next top model on the Wii's wifi and you tube then move her to the HD stuff slowly but surely, bio shock and other games with great art direction are a must.

Never force things on your girl friend though. Also competition with your girl may be a no go for some of you it all depends on the relationship. Oh yeah get her an iphone and some games for it. They always end up playing the throwaway games.

Most girls and women have not really seens what gaming has to offer.

PS3istheshit3435d ago

they live around games and electronics and thier into anime and accept all kinds of things
i likes the bodies too

crillyconlig3435d ago

mine went out and bought a ps3 the other day for her self

Daoshai3435d ago

She must be quite a looker

YeOldeGamer3435d ago

...I thought you said HOOKER. :D

It WOULD be a good means of PAYING for a PS3. :p

ShinMaster3435d ago

My gf is a cutie ^_^ and when I met her, she was into Final Fantasy, Bioshock, God of War, ...God I love her!

njd823435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Anybody else think this article is a tad patronizing? The first couple of paragraphs read along the same lines as what you would do to potty train a child.

"Be careful with selecting her first game though. You want to ease her into the world of gaming by starting with one that doesn't have an overly complicated control scheme"

Awww...we wouldn't want their poor heads exploding under the pressure, would we?

Nintendo HAS done a great job of bringing in a wider audience of gamers which which MAY very well include a wider group of female gamers, so well done for stating the bloody obvious.

However, (and this may come as a shock to some of you) women are perfectly capable of choosing whether or not they want to do something and don't require "coaxing" in, Nintendo, along with Microsoft and Sony have moved with the times and created games like this because female gamers exist in large numbers already, maybe male gamers should open their eyes and stop making such a big deal out of it.

mastiffchild3435d ago

That's irrelevant, imo, if you live with your woman of choice.

My missus used to game and the worst thing I ever did was get her back into it after she moved in. Now she hogs whichever console you want to use, the best TV to play on(or the PC if shes so inclined )OR won't move for days cos she's now got an AC obsession(which I despise-I wwon't even get a real mortgage!).

Don't start me on how badly downhill your gaming goes if you are later thick enough to get your kid into gaming-they'll play cack games for ages and when they finally play some of your make you look like the biggest n00b in the world. Keep the gaming to yourself is my advice-don't let them take yours like they have mine.

mrv3213435d ago

I guess it does sound a tad patronizing BUT I believe it's more because they are new to gaming and not for being women. Let's face it we can all remember being destroyed on our first game and now we've forgotten those times we are all too ready to invite a friend over and expect them to be able to play COD:WAW on hard without ever playing a game before.

Sayai jin3435d ago

@mastiffchild- Man that sucks. I hope you get your gaming back on... I do not have that problem with video games, but my wife and mother in law like to watch there shows. So I have 2 HD projectors (one for my gaming room, a HDTV in the living room. I put my PS3 on it one day and put a few movies on it and my wife loved the quality of picture. SO she wanted another one for the bedroom. I brought another PS3 and a Pioneer 50" Full 1080P HDTV in the bedroom. I moved my 32" HDTV (was in my bedroom)in the kids room becuase I had no where else to put it. I took out there little 19". My mother in law liked the picture too, so I brought her a 40" Sony FUll 1080P HDTV and took her 32 HDTV out of the room. I actually put in our bathroom. So now everyone has a nice TV with a few to spare. HDTV are more affordable now. Even though the Elites are still pricey.

hatchimatchi3435d ago

i think the problem isn't getting your girlfriend into gaming, but with the person who is actively trying to get their girlfriend into gaming.

If you bug her to play games don't complain when she wants to drag you to go see bridewars or any chick flick for that matter.

rockleex3435d ago

Just imagine if a company found ways to ease us guys into chick flicks!

The "Nintendo" of chick flicks is evil! I already hate it and it doesn't even exist yet! >_<

Scary... *shivers*

OtherWhiteMeat3435d ago

I'd rather she would stick to fetching beers

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