E3 2009 Build Up - Most Anticipated: #5; Bayonetta on Playstation 3

PushSquare: "The crass Bayonetta is looking like becoming the most ridiculous Playstation 3 game to release this year. Packed with tongue-in-cheek tone and an outrageous protagonist, we're dying to know how Bayonetta can get any more ridiculous than what we've already seen."

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Legendary-Status4057d ago

The Article make's it seem like a PS3 exclusive when it's multi-plat

Ninver4057d ago

Boo hoo. Why don't you go cry on billy boys knob lol


get2sammyb4057d ago

No that's not intentional - it's just we're a Playstation only site, so, we're just building up the Playstation games we're interested in - Bayonetta happens to be one.

We try to talk about the XBOX 360 as little as possible. But just to clarify to anyone wondering - Bayonetta is indeed a multiplatform game.

Pheonix034057d ago

Bayonetta has to be my #1 anticipated game this year; always has been, always will be. Heh, I haven't been this excited for a game since Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.