PS3 and PSP At E3: The List

Nofi says:

"Want to know which games will be playable and shown for your beloved PlayStation this E3? Here's a list of all the titles we know about, sorted by publisher, and although there's still confirmation from a few folk still to come (nudging Ubisoft) this is still a wildly impressive list - Sony's alone is spectacular."

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Forrest Gump3523d ago

"Capcom-Lost Planet 2".


"Konami-Secret Kojima Project(May not be PS3)"

It may not be 360 either :O !

XxSolid SnakexX3523d ago

This is one sweet list it's a really good time to be a gamer.

mastiffchild3523d ago

As there are no Tecmo games down does that mean they aren't taking Quantum Theory or NGS2 to E3 or that they aren't going OR that they just haven't confirmed?

Also find it hard to think that the PS3 version of LP2 will be shown at E3 esp in playable form and if it is and they were working on it all this time then just what exactly have Capcom and MS been doing with each other?

No SE games I see but they prolly haven't confirmed cos of the swine flu thing(as even if no FF13 or Vs you expect some PSP games-Dissidia etc).

And, of course, no sign of the mercurial Digiguys and their frontrunner for DNF's now vacant vapour ware crown-the MIA Wardevil. Seriously can't they either show something or admit they sacked the whole idea back in Jan 09 when they last advertised for PS3 programmers? The mini site never arrived and nor did the promised Q1 footage either-time to fess up and the fact DG are an English company really embarrasses me if it does, which seems highly likely now, turn out to have been canned long ago. Oh for some honesty after being strung along for, what, four years?

Still, a good E3 even wthout the probable surprises from the Sony side of things-I really hope both MS and Ninty have big, impressive line ups to make it a real bumper E3 and gaming year for all. I expect some fire from MS but really think Nibty need a new Wii Zelda and the new Retro Metroid title along with the M+ stuff to really impress.

The_EE_God3523d ago

What happened to TRICO? I thought Team Ico was supposed to be there.

SixTwoTwo3523d ago

Tecmo will be at E3. The PlayStation Blog have an interview scheduled with them to talk about their upcoming PS3 games.

mastiffchild3523d ago

Ta for the heads up on Tecmo-I thought they would be going so it was odd not to see them down yet.

morganfell3523d ago

This is hardly the list. They are missing games left and right that we know are going to be there. The first thing I spotted not on the list was Rage. Speaking of Id where is the new Wolfenstein on this list? Missing.

It really makes me shake my head when someone uses a title like this - The List - as a platform to demonstrate how incompetent they are at assembling the accompanying article.

raztad3523d ago


As a PS3 owner only I much prefer the Secret-Kojima-Project be on the 360 than on the Wii (if not on the PS3 of course).

Aside from Sony PS3 exclusive stuff. Ton of love for the PSP :D. Looking forward to Atlus's titles (specially Persona). I hope Dante's Inferno does well.

My hopes are high on Batman:AA, dont disappoint me Eidos!!

Panipal20053523d ago

Unfortunately the Team Ico guys have taught us not to expect them at conferences lately (like last TGS...Shuhei Yoshida said a couple of months prior to that, that Trico was going to be shown soon, and they kinda embarrassed him there by not turing up), and they don't like confirming their presence either

ThanatosDMC3523d ago

I want my Fat Princess!!!

I watched a bunch of those dev walkthroughs, beta gameplays, and interview vids in youtube... i cant wait!

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Legendary-Status3523d ago

That is a Good List... without the Suprises from Sony... and yea where's War-Devil at least come out and confirmed it's been canned or is it? who know's just have to wait and see @ E3..

mastiffchild3523d ago

That's exatly the thing though-if they don't show at all we learn nothing and if they come and just show another RTE clip we learn nothing(which is what they usually do innit!). I liked the look of Wardevil at , what, E3 2004 or 05 but since then they just spin us along and show different versions of similar stuff and still no gameplay.

I'm starting to wish they'd come out and put it out of it's misery;)

beavis4play3523d ago

wardevil wasn't shown in '04 or '05. i agree that we're all dying to see more footage (or find out what has happened to it!). i'm interested in wardevil and want to know what's going on. but FF13 and AW were briefly shown in '05 and now they (supposedly) are finally getting close to launch. so i want to still hold out hope for wardevil since everything i've seen of it looks [email protected]

mastiffchild3523d ago

Heh, maybe it just feels that long eh? I was pretty sure that I saw it in 05, mind, so it looks like I must really be feeling my age!

Anyhow, the whole Wardevil project with the prospective animated features, shorts and mooted games for PS3 and both Wii and 360(reported after they pulled the initial game from being a PS360 multi plat)seems to have gone really quiet since they promised us some new footage and a mini site(IIRC on new years eve 2008 or thereabouts)then in Jan were recruiting animators/programmers for the games/films.

As I said they failed to show anything this time AND from what I've been able to find haven't said anything at all since. Whatever they're really doing I just want them to come out and say it already.

Shadow Man3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

* Secret Kojima Project (May not be PS3)

Holy Sh!t!! Its on!! WWE E309 Presents Judgmentday Jun 1st only on PAY-PER-VIEW :D

interrergator3523d ago

i hope they announce syphon filter and jak the lost frontier

Kick The Ass3523d ago

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier has been announced.
"Unfortunately", it's a damn PSP/PS2 game, meaning no J&D PS3.

Naughty Dog has probably moved on to focus on Uncharted this generation anyways, y'know, like they did with Crash Bandicoot?

interrergator3523d ago

goddammit i want a ps3 of jak

cayal3523d ago

I was surprised to see Jak and Daxter on PSP. I was hoping it would be a PS3 game.

gintoki7773523d ago

damn you square enix they are using swine flu as an excuse because they do not want to show that they are not halfway through ff 13 yet. What is the big deal about swine flue anyway not many people die more people die from the regular flu. I mean if all these developers are already going might as well.
pretty good list not to mention possible chance of unnanounced games other than kojimas
we can expect to see ff 13 and ff 13 versus at tokyo game show

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