Video Game Warzone #45 - If You Had To Pick GOTY Today…

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On today's episode we list our current picks for Game Of The Year based on what we've seen in video and what we've actually played. We talk about E3 and how some sites are giving less than stellar Infamous scores. Hiphopgamer tells us about his first all expenses paid junket to Activision's Prototype party in Vegas. Also on this show…

* The mysterious Kojima game (Torrence)
* Microsoft may be liquidating Elites (Weapon X)
* Darksiders and can it beat God Of War 3 (Spenny & Torrence)
* Heavy Rain can be done on 360 (Hiphopgamer)

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Forrest Gump3435d ago

1)GOTY=Uncharted 2 deserves it,the gaming press will give it to Modern Warfare 2.

2)The mysterious Kojima game=You're in for a 'surprise'.

3)Microsoft may be liquidating Elites=All flops must go,the Elite gives the Xbox brand a bad rep due to its low sales and lack of great features for the asking price.I'm sure the Arcade is selling just fine :)

4)Darksiders and can it beat God Of War 3=No.

5)Heavy Rain can be done on 360=The main guy behind the game said it can not be done on the 360,I trust him>the hiphopgamer.

Criticism:PLEASE work on 2 things:

1)The mixing of the show.I really like what you've got going on but it's really hard to look forward to a poorly mixed Podcast.Really hard.

2)Breathing into the Mic.Maybe it's my obsession with quality recordings,but breathing into the Mic is,in my opinion,worse than kicking your Dog in the nuts.

Lifendz3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Sigh....what a pointless discussion. Why does anyone give a rats @$$ about whether it can be done on 360? IT's never coming to 360! This is the only podcast that debates crap like this.

And if you're going to have certain bitbaggers make videos where they're trying to drop knowledge, at least use the people that actually answer questions on the podcasts and don't just take the opposing position if the discussion is anything involving Sony.

DarK-SilV3435d ago

My GOTY is KZ2 or uncharted 2,

akaFullMetal3435d ago

i agree, and if ratchet and clank is really good, it just might be my own personel goty.

lloyd_wonder3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Uncharted 2 and CODMW2 are both strong contenders for GoTY. Uncharted 2 because it's a huge step- up from its predecessor. Gameplay, story, and graphics wise, it's unmatched or will be based on early info.

CODMW2 because it's an IW game, and they tell great stories ( akin to these types of games) and it looks to be a step- up in terms of game play ( no respawning ai, unique coop.) Nothing on multiplayer yet.

Don't see anything from the xbox camp blowing people away... sorry

Slinger4203435d ago

As of now, my GOTY is Resident Evil 5, that game was awesome.

mac4u103435d ago

Torrence is such a fanboy bloody hell why cant he let Hiphip talk...Hiphop talks the truth they just cant accept it..Jon sounds like a woman arguing.

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