Project Trico Set For 2009 Release?

New information surfaces regarding the recently release Trico teaser, including an allegedly cut release date.

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onijutsu3529d ago

hmmm this seems like a desperate attempt for hits

*reads article*

yep this article is a waste of time.

Sev3528d ago

Actually the end of our video was corrupted, so we did have to edit out the end for us to upload it.

The end said nothing about a release date. So this article is indeed a desperate attempt for some traffic.

But it did have something dramatic at the end, that is better off not being revealed.

FarEastOrient3528d ago

Maybe some luck and skill it may make a 2009 release date, I'm leaning more to the 2010 calender though. But there are great examples of games that are announced the same year and released within that year.

For example Modern Warfare 2 wasn't officially announced until fall/winter 2008 and will be released fall 2009.

mrv3213529d ago

Maybe it was cut because it won't be out in 2009, this could be an old trailer that they release after TRYING for a 2009 date and failing to reach it.

Myst-Vearn3529d ago

it would be awesome but I doubt it will be out before God Of War 3 and GT5..both of these first party games were announced much earlier.

BlackPrince 423529d ago

Not a chance in hell. This'll be a fall 2010 game for sure.

swiftshot933528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

signs seem to point at a 2010 release date. Although technically nothing is official. The game hasn't even been announced yet. What's more surprising though is that this game (If 2010 is correct) is taking the team 5 years instead of 4. If it comes out in 2010, this'll be the second longest developed game in history. Will be the greatest game on PS3 though.

Danja3528d ago

im sure a good chunk of there time was spent developing a great engine....and soley the game

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The story is too old to be commented.