Toys 'R' Us will have Wii in stock Sunday

If you're looking for the Wii, and Joystiq knows a lot of you out there still are, you'll be happy to know this Sunday Toys "R" Us will have them in stock. Get there early, the announcement will be in this Sunday's flyers and you'll want to beat the rush of moms to the store after they drop their coffee, shove the bagel in their mouth and bolt out the door.

Wherever people fall on the Wii shortage being intentional or unintentional, not to mention the controversy among Wii owners about the gaming drought, that little console made from two duct taped Gamecubes is selling like sellin' is going out of style. It still looks like Nintendo won't back up these amazing sales figures with some real, original Wii titles for quite some time. We'll just have to enjoy this constant string of Gamecube ports and mini-game based Wii titles apparently.

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Robotz Rule4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

If you can find a Wii,buy it!,it's very fun,I enjoy playing wii sports boxing game on my Wii!!!

ITR4276d ago

I doubt they are holding back anything. Remember the Nintendo only has Foxconn to make them. While the 360 has 3 suppliers making consoles for MS.

Foxconn is making over 1 million units a month now and it still can't meet demand.
It also doesn't help stores like Wal-Mart, TRU, Target, Best Buy, and Circuit City have all been holding out Wii's for Sunday sales. At Target they usually get a shipment of Wii's every week around 20-30 units.
For the past 2 weeks we didn't get any now we got an AD running saying we do. Low and behold we have 59 units coming in...approx. 2 weeks worth of hording by Target. Also most retailers are now trying to schedule Wii sale Sun. on different days so they can get the maximum profit from that AD circular.

I'm hoping this will all change by April.

sevenout4277d ago

Although Nintendo vehemently denied that they were "holding out" on the Wiis, it now is so very obvious that they were indeed holding out all along, as they made their numbers for last year.

MySwordIsHeavenly4276d ago

They're not available where you guys are? Most people in my area realized that it was fun for about 5 seconds...and no one else bought it.