PALGN: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Review

PALGN writes: "Given the tremendous success of the original Company of Heroes upon its debut in 2006, it is not a great shock that Relic Entertainment has been quick to capitalise on their award-winning franchise. Even three years after its release it still stands apart from other titles in the real-time strategy genre, particularly those that have focused on the time frame of World War II. The latest outing for the series comes in the form of Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, a standalone expansion which aims to expand on the depth and breadth of the original title and the first expansion, 2007's Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Instead, Tales of Valor feels like a rushed endeavour which is solely focused on capitalising on the greatness of its predecessors. This is not to say that Tales of Valor is a bad game, but that when compared to previous releases in the series, Tales of Valor presents gamers with a paltry serving of the fantastic gameplay of Company of Heroes - with a premium price tag attached."

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