Square to Announce Nier for 2010 Release

According to the July issue of OXM, Square has already announced Nier for a release in 2010. I don't think this has happened yet, so expect Square to make an announcement of this game's existence.

This confirms a 360 release, a PS3 release?... maybe.

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Sony Rep3435d ago

This was that game that was in OPM. Sounds cliched and boring. Blah blah blah.. action game... blah blah blah... ne..ed a c..ure.....

TheHater3435d ago

That was feature in the Official Playstation Magazine. But I am not sure if this is time exclusive for the Xbox 360 or PS3. Looking at the character at the bottom right corner of the scan, you will notice that the character match the description that was written in the Official Playstation magazine.

Square Enix will be stupid for make this game time exclusive for the Xbox 360 base on their recent finical report. Just look at their recent finical report of a 30% drop in profit for 2008. That really bad consider than 2007 wasn't that great either. If Square Enix has any common sense, exclusive on the Xbox 360 whether it is time or not, will not be a smart business move by them considering their company is already suffering. How long will they ignore the 23+ million PS3 users out there, I don’t know.

Forrest Gump3435d ago

Sounds promising,probably going to disappoint like every other Square Enix game this generation.