Christian Bale loves video games, lost sleep over Super Mario

Joystiq: Taking time out of his Terminator Salvation press tour to sit down with Conversations, Christian Bale spoke about his childhood love for our lifetime passion, video games. When the interviewer brings up Roger Ebert's review of the film (video game reference in tow), he then asks Bale if he played video games "in his younger years," to which Bale replies, "I played video games in my entire growing-up years. One of my favorites is Super Mario. I wouldn't sleep until I finished the game, you know."

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-Mezzo-4066d ago

I was never a fan of an Actor or Actress but i can easily buy any Movie by this guys even when i am blindfolded, which i think put me in his fans category.

Steve0074066d ago

I love His Movies every single one of'em.

- Ghost of Sparta -4066d ago

Saw Salvation today, was awesome.

Obama4066d ago

I also saw it today. Surprised that Arnold made an appearance in the movie.

RebornSpy4066d ago

I suspect they just CG'd his face into the movie since he didn't have any lines. It would be terrible if he took time out of running one of the largest states for a movie cameo...

theEnemy4066d ago

he f'ing owns!.

Check "The Machinist".

You would not believe that's Christian Bale. :)

ActionBastard4066d ago

The Machinist was/is the sh!t. He dropped down to 118lbs for that role, which got him Batman. He is by far one of my favorite actors. Can't forget The Prestige...fantastic!

UnSelf4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

that arnold was a CGI

Movie wasnt as good as i thought it would be but it was amazing nonetheless

*SPOILERS* Help: earlier me and my girl was watchin and i was explaining the story to her, and i came to a paradox: can someone explain to me why according to the story, there are two Kyle's (forgot his last name) and not 2 of everyone else? The kyle from salvation and the kyle from Terminator 1

EDIT: Disregard i think i figured it out; Kyle from Sal, is the kyle that goes back and has John. Sooooooo im guessin there are 3 different time universes.

1. The original first universe where John is born and the year is actually 20**

2. The universe we all know of: Where terminator 1,2,3 and 4 takes place.

3. And this new universe thats goin to be created when Kyle goes back to impregnate Sarah

morganfell4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Well thank Christain Bale for not supporting the game. Quite frankly the publisher and Halcyon should be ashamed for producing a 4 hour piece of trash, with idiotic and limited mechanics, no multiplayer, only splitscreen co-op and then slapping a $59 price tag on it. I normally detest lawyers but these are the type of situations where I don't mind legal people getting involved as what they are doing is little short of thievery.

Note: Any game with Grin involved has a 90% chance of being a steamer.

Regarding Arnold's appearance, they actually used a still available body cast from the first movie. They had been working on the CGI for a year. They were only 45 days from the premiere when they completed that part and showed it to Arnold. He gave his okay (part of the deal was he had to approve it) and it went into the final edit.

sofresh2004066d ago

Bale is one of my favorite actors, and all of his movies kick ass. I just watched American Psycho the other day, great movie! If you haven't seen Rescue Dawn yet, I suggest you rent it ASAP.

lsujester4066d ago


Yeah, the Terminator timeline is a big spider web now. Multiple timelines, multiple futures, etc. It's probably easier to ignore the story and watch stuff blow up.

ThanatosDMC4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

The game is garbage. The graphics are very outdated. Gameplay is worst than... ummm... <name of your bad game here>.

Anyway, do not buy the game. So many broken things popping out. "Bodies" of killed enemies just get soaked up into the ground like they were some ethereal being. Bullet/Gun clipping of bosses (i think it was a boss) will kill you.

morganfell4066d ago

The explanation for the varied time lines is in the movie.

"Something has changed. This is not how it was supposed to be."

You have to realize that by delaying Judgment Day the first time they changed what was supposed to occur. Judgment Day already occured on schedule at least once. Reese came back because Skynet was already planning to change something that had already occurred . And he came back from a future that was already in play. Hence the theory time is a moebius.

Actually every time a Terminator or a human traveled back through time and committed an act they changed what was supposed to be, what had already occurred. You could have multiple strands of time because of those acts.

ThanatosDMC4066d ago

Btw, for those that loved Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It's marked down at Walmart for $10... well, at least i got it for $10. A friend for a walmart manager sure is awesome. He said there's also other Bluray movies that have been marked down to $10.

sanamsingh4066d ago

Thanks for the spoiler alert.

ShabzS4066d ago

oh man machinest was sick .. this guy can really go the whole 9 yards for a role ..

Tomdc4066d ago

our priminister went to florida to voice in a simpsons episode... enuf said =P

UnwanteDreamz4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Well you are right and wrong. Officialy the creators say that an alternate timeline is created every time a Terminator went back. It seems the machines desire to change time is almost meaningless because it will not change their timeline but instead create a new one. Parallel to thier own.

In the first terminator Kyle Reese impregnates Sarah connor before he dies, so nothing really changes there.

EDIT: Didn't see Morganfell's answer he is correct, and he explained it better.

LoVeRSaMa4066d ago

That he will Rage quit?

Luchiano4066d ago

Equallibrium (I spelled it wrong)

JayX6664066d ago

Bubbles for you sir, sean bean should have been more utilised though.

maxbyte4066d ago

What are you on about? Bale showed his worth in The Empire of the Sun. Any kid that does THAT has to grow up to become one of the best actors. After that one he could not surprise me in any of the roles.

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manwich254066d ago

well he's got the school cred, but what's he playin when he isn't filming?

Steve0074066d ago

LOL th site says what his favorite games is No Wonder it's Mario.

ironwolf7774066d ago

I wonder if he played Terminator Salvation