Retro still hiding a secret, according to IGN

GoNintendo writes: "in IGN's latest GameScoop podcast, Peer Schneider says that Retro Studios still has a big announcement to make (@4:00)."

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Jerkapotamus4069d ago

Their last game was Metroid Prime 3. It would be rather dimwitted to think they haven't been working on a game since then.

hatchimatchi4069d ago

retro is so awesome

corruption imo is the best looking wii title out and wasn't it partially made with gamecube hardware or something like that?

i could be completely wrong, either way, they're talented as hell.

bigjclassic4069d ago

since that is the only thing fans have wanted since MP3 released,
anything else would be a disappointment.

Zelda4life4069d ago

Who knows i think it may be a starfox game but i have a feeling we will be shocked come e3. I think its the kid icarus wii game and they would be perfect for it after what they demonstrated with the prime trilogy.

Hooby4069d ago

Wasnt there some thing about retro making a zelda game of sorts?

Eh...that was a while ago...

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