Switzerland breaks Street day for inFamous

Gamers Mag: "The Street date for inFamous has been broken in Switzerland, one of our vistors Lin Chung appears tho have a copy of Infamous already in his hands, You can view the pictures after the break."

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killzowner3433d ago

in SATANS NAME hasnt this happened in the UK yet? sadface.

Ghoul3432d ago

playing it since a week in germany

US import

incredible awesome game

RumbleFish3431d ago

A friend of mine lives in Switzerland. He has allmost any game two weeks early. Look for a shop in Basel! ;)

Megaton3433d ago

One of my PSN friends has been playing this since Tuesday. I know he lives somewhere in Europe, don't know exactly where, though. He had Killzone 2 more than a week early as well.

ra22053433d ago

It seem that every big game these days breaks street day

Baba19063432d ago

well im swiss and i havent recieved mine yet. so i dont know. maybe he had a freind who gave it to him sooner.

TheTwelve3432d ago

I used to live in Switzerland---four years, 2000-2004. Just came back from a visit there, kinda wish I was there now, heh


heroicjanitor3432d ago

Noone seems to get punished if it is but if it isn't why doesn't everyone do it?

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The story is too old to be commented.