Battlefield: Bad Company 2 May Have The Edge Against Modern Warfare 2

Now that Modern Warfare 2 has been announced everyone is already making their claims stating that this game will once again be the best and revolutionize the FPS genre, but this time it won't be that easy. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is here and it's looks light years ahead of the previous version and definitely looks to be serious competition for Modern Warfare 2.

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Mindboggle4059d ago

So hip hop gamer is basing this on a trailer...Just says it all really...

yoghurt4059d ago

for me the destructible environments in BF:BC give it a BIG +

bullswar4059d ago

Im tellin ya all ... bfbc2 latest E3 offscreen ingame trailer tells all ... MW2 is looking really low rez polygon graphics and BFBC2 is looking very impressive when compared to MW2.

mrv3214059d ago

I know, I know EA can produce good games, ever great times at times BUT their online can be poor. I know I'm new but I've been playing online with little skill and EA has to be one of the worst companies or just in general of course I have this strange hatred towards gamespy but that doesn't count.

farhsa20084059d ago

i played COD4 and wasnt the biggest fan but you would have to be brave to say that Battlefield will have the edge over COD6

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