Heavy Rain Changing the Game Forecast

Don @ writes:

"So now that the Heavy rain game play trailers have been released, we've been able to see what all the buzz was about that has been circulating for over a year now.

It's pretty safe to say that the game is based on quick-time events and a great video game storyline, however if this were a movie, I would say that I wouldn't see it based on what I've seen thus far. But for a video game? the storyline looks epic and looks to be right up there with Metal Gear Solid 4."

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shazui1234066d ago

ok Im really into eavy Rain and all, I mean it looks amazing graphically and it looks really fun but the last line :S "the storyline looks epic and looks to be right up there with Metal Gear Solid 4."
-firstly, do they know much, if anything of the storyline?
-up there with MGS4?????????

BulletToothtony4066d ago

but as of now mgs4 is king of a stories.. specially if you've followed the story of it...

But in the sense of story telling heavy rain seem to be getting close to the idea of deeper gameplay..

Not your average.. they there is some bad guys over there kill them all and that's the end of the story...

All i know is that to me Heavy Rain it's a must have game for people who don't have the attention span of a 5 year old.. it's gonna be one of those games to sit down and enjoy..

WildArmed4065d ago

ugh.. when they compare anything to MGS4 it makes me.. queasy.
Velvet Assassin was compared to it, it didnt do so well.
Splinter cell is being compared.. and i hope it does stand its ground.
Heavy rain.. and all i can do is hope.
They should just assess the game for itself.. they make me dream pretty big when they mention big block busters.

christoph2034065d ago

Im a metal gear fan... but mannn... Metal gear solid 4 is a great game but the story was not that great.. too Confusing and jumbled up.. Its a fact that heavy rain will have a more mature and deeper storyline involving sex, violence and mental pain etc(1 character has a drug addiction etc) Dont be an idiot and say a game which has a man living inside a persons arm will be deeper than heavy rain.

Unicron4065d ago

What was confusing about it?

RumbleFish4065d ago

Anything you compare to any MGS will loose by far, because you can't compare anything to a MGS.

I think Heavy Rain will be a awesome game, but you don't do a service to any game when you compare it to a series like MGS. MGS has allready 4 episodes and those who know the games have an expectation. When you compare Heavy Rain to MGS people will have similar expectations to that new game nobody has played yet.

I can't wait to get my hands on Heavy Rain. Till then, I will do many runs through MGS 4 and play a lot of MGO! Cya in R.R.!

Lfmesquite4065d ago

That's a pretty big gap, that must mean the game is pretty open ended and you have a lot of choices and control.

I don't see this game being based on pure quick time events. The developer has been very protective of plot and has just showed action scenes that require quick time events.

I don't think we've seen enough of the game to label it as being based on quick time events.

If that was the case, then the game would be pretty disappointing as nothing more than an interactive cut scene.

I'm hoping there's a lot of choices on what to do, what to explore, and what to say to other characters, gameplay that has nothing to do with Quick time events.

ThanatosDMC4065d ago

Sorry but, if you didnt understand the story of MGS then sucks for you. MGS is way deeper than you could imagine if you actually played the games, especially MGS4.

"Dont be an idiot and say a game which has a man living inside a persons arm will be deeper than heavy rain"

There was never "a man living inside a persons arm", it was just a feign to fool the Patriots after Big Boss was captured to confuse it. Ocelot way back in MGS3... nvm... f*ck it... there's no point in explaining it to you.

GameGambits4065d ago

MGS is so long and running and so deep rooted it'll be a long time to see any game beat what that series has accomplished in story telling and the total of each sum of its parts is phenomenal.

MGS has set up a whole universe dating back to the early 1900's in our time era that sets up a giant chain of events that isn't fully fleshed out to its max even yet. The games have emotion, depth connectivity, morals, ideas, themes, and so much more every form of story telling tries to touch on in various ways and MGS does it 10X more over.

Heavy Rain is a stand alone project, and won't be guaranteeing you now the same level of depth that MGS as a whole can bring together. However, as a stand alone game, with its own narrative it has plenty it can do to wow us over.

I'm still not fully won over by Heavy Rain as a day 1 purchase, but I am convinced of the games atmosphere and theme from what we've seen which is rock solid.

WildArmed4065d ago

its only due to your misunderstanding.
Its a deep story and if you are willing to put some effort to keep all the facts straight it may seem 'jumbled up'.
but it makes perfect 'sense' story line wise.
MGS4 has one of the best (MGS series should i say?) story lines in gaming/entertainment history.
I hope Heavy Rain will live up to my expectation.

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You Already Know4066d ago

yeah the game seems storyline driven and from what I've seen (which is enough to go off) lends me to believe the storyline will be epic...

I better be....the game is focused on it...

H0rned4065d ago

If you speak about MGS 4, than Heavy Rain could be on par with Storyline! Because the Storyline of MGS4 was confusing to some people, who havent played the previous games. But if you write/say that the Heavy Rain Storyline is on par with the Storyline of the entire MGS series, than you are lying to yourself!

koston36474065d ago

i never followed MGS until the 4th one and i looked up all the backround stories online and i still was blown away by the plot and characters no doubt

but i'll put it like this if theres any game, any at all, in the foreseeable future that can match/improve upon mgs4, that game is Heavy Rain. no doubt in my mind

rjackson14065d ago

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redsquad4065d ago

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