Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs

Gaming Union writes "MMORPGs have become quite popular over the years, and some, like World of Warcraft have found a place in popular culture. However, that's the now and they won't last forever. We mentioned a fortnight ago, five of the biggest MMORPGs at the moment, but what's around the corner that will be able to dethrone those currently flying high? Should Blizzard be concerned about some of the upcoming titles?

Most of the titles up for discussion in this article are in the late stages of development and are running their beta testing phases. There are quite a few of notable merit and a fair few that are targeting specific niches, for example fanatical sci-fi groups. This is our top ten -- in no particular order -- of the titles we expect to make quite a bit of noise amongst gamers when they finally surface and that MMORPG players should definitely keep on their radar."

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mephman3529d ago

Pretty extensive list, definitely some good MMORPGs coming out soon.

Myst3529d ago

I'd definitely like to try
+Linneage III
+Star Wars: The old republic (this is a must try for me)
+DC universe online

out of those I'd say star wars probably has the most priority followed by lineage then DC. Don't know much about stargate or star trek though; but may take a peak at them later on.

mephman3529d ago

Yea, The Old Republic definitely has a lot going for it.

Selyah3529d ago

Indeed personally looking forward to Star Wars myself.

i3eyond the Circle3529d ago

MAG, APB, DC Universe, The Agency are the upcoming MMOs I look forward to.

Selyah3529d ago

Yeah, I agree I actually did forget about MAG sorta looking forward to that.

Myst3528d ago

Forgot about APB and The agency the moment I was typing my comment, but I agree. I'm also looked forward to both. Mag, I may not so sure yet; but I know I will try the Agency for sure.

Wallets carry very little in this gaming age can't get every game sadly.

mephman3528d ago

Haha, yea. It seems like it's just good game, after good game these days.

OhReginald3529d ago

All you need is Champions Online, The Agency, and Star Wars: Old Republic.

At least thats what im gonna get

Claudinho693528d ago

i want a good mmorpg that is not super heroes and not star trek star wars stuff...ffxi-2 would be nice

mephman3528d ago

Well, Square Enix have Codename Rapture in the pipeline, and that's rumoured to be FFXI-2

Selyah3528d ago

I sincerely hope its something slightly different than just a direct carry on to XI.

Kyll3528d ago

last thing I need in my house is FFXI-2, I just got my friend off of it xD.

Myst3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Yeah codename rapture, supposedly comes out this year I believe (if I remember correct); yet not much has been shown, not much known as far as my knowledge goes at least.

I should retract this statement apparently still heavy in development, so probably not expecting anything as of yet.


(3/11/2009 - is the date of the article)

Claudinho693528d ago

that sounds good, now hopefully it comes out this year

Reibooi3527d ago

there was a rumor a little while back that SE would unveil Rapture at E3 this year so maybe we will get to see it finally.

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