G.I.'s May Cover Story: Grand Theft Auto:IV

Game Informer has revealed the May issue cover. This issue is going to be packed with 10 pages of exclusive screens and info on this upcoming title from Rockstar.

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Hooded Vendetta4277d ago

Nice find, Anyone know if this mag comes out over in the UK?

UnderpaidHonky4276d ago

Yeah, real funny looking at our president being told about a terrorist attack. Keep your mouth shut next time.

omansteveo4276d ago

Im more interested in the 2k football news i think

DaTrooF4276d ago

just by looking at the cover of the issue(wether it is the final cover)just took away the 50/50 of that guy being the main character or not to a 70% chance he will and a 30% that he wont be the main character.

also some guy name lunatic26(i think) in the gamespot forums says that he works at rockstar and have said many things that is possibly true(there is no proff that he works for rockstar)but the things he have said seem very possible.

go to and check out the GTA IV forum.

i suggest that everybody get their copy of gta 4 as SOON as it comes out for many reasons,and i think you guys know why.....

Caxtus7504276d ago

is it really possible? Im not disagreeing or anything. Just curious for peoples opinion...But in your opinion, do you think a massive franchise like GTA could be banned?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4276d ago

because last months cover story sucked! ;)