TotalPlaystation: Heavy Rain Preview

Sam Bishop: "Forget all the bravado and flashiness of American developers' pimping of their products, it's the Europeans' mix of boisterous enthusiasm that makes them the kings of the not-so-self-reserved hype machine. If you've ever listened to French developer Quantic Dream's head cheese, David Cage, you'll likely already know what we're talking about; his combination of zeal and propensity for ladling on the hyperbole in a way that doesn't always feel like he's shooting for the moon almost instantly recalls a certain Peter Molyneaux whenever he's spinning his own games."

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Rip-Ridah3436d ago

It is hard to ignore Heavy Rain when EVERY preview is singing nothing but praises towards it. I understand that some may have negative expectations for this game for whatever reason, but you should HONESTLY stop and ask yourself if blind fanboyism and prejudice (prejudging something without total knowledge or understanding of it--not racism) is worth missing an experience like this that it is promised to offer. All B.S. aside, we need to support and back innovation in this medium of entertainment because there are some people in society that have a more sinister agenda than blind fanboys--certain politicians and groups that want to put an end to our form of entertainment by any means necessary. Those are the people that need to see the light; not console "X" owner or console "P" owner. Turn your (sometimes) well thought out arguments and rebuttals for what makes this entertainment medium so great to you towards those who are ignorant and prejudice of videogames; because when the smoke clears we're all on the same side because we're all GAMERS. -Rip-Ridah