Resolution: Sacred 2 review

Resolution writes: "Sacred 2: Fallen Angel brings a distinctly PC-oriented RPG to the console masses, taking an enormous gaming world with it. But it's definitely not short of problems. A less than compelling storyline, an irresponsive combat system and some technical mishaps mean it's a game suited to only the most hardcore of RPG fans."


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WildArmed3437d ago

i need an good RPG, but the reviews are..
well not helping in the decision.

might rent it or 4get about it :/

callahan093437d ago

I just bought it from ebay last night, shoot me a PM sometime and I'll let you know what I think after it's arrived. I'm really looking forward to it, though, it's definitely my kind of game and it's hard to find offline co-op adventure/RPG's anymore, so I'm really looking forward to this game. The reviews are all mediocre, but that's OK, what do the critics know anyway? I mean I'm sure it's got its flaws, but I don't mind some repetitiveness because I actually really enjoy grind-fests haha. Anyway, I'll let you know some details about its pluses & minuses when I get it in hand.

absolutecarnage3437d ago

Rent it if your unsure to make sure you want to unload $60 on this. I have it and i think its a average to good game. The critics have been kind of harsh on this game but i think it did well for what it was suppose to do. If you like Diablo and enjoy playing those kind of game with friends you will probably enjoy this. The game does have glitches but all game do, and it's not like a really known publisher like rare or Epic making the game. Plus if you like exploring this game is huge and the amount of stuff you can collect . I say i would give this game a 7.8 / 10