Nintendo Presidents thoughts on Digital Distribution

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that High Street retail still has the competitive edge over digital sales, and he doesn't expect a significant change to the way consumers purchase games in the near term.

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i3eyond the Circle3488d ago

Small time digital distribution is tedious.

Yet from the likes of games like Wipeout HD, GT5:Prologue, Socom:Confrontation it is definitely showing that DD is a great optional feature.

Why is it that the Ps3 is pushing further then its competitors but there isn't credit where it is due?

Pushing the limits of Digital Distribution and supporting the leading HD movie format.

N4g_null3488d ago

Because they are not pushing the limits? I mean really they sold people a demo of GT LOL. That pushes limits but I tend to think SONY would be laughing at it's customers about what they actually accomplished their LOL. And the whole home thing was the biggest commercial thing I've ever seen pushed on gamers and people loved it LOL. If you want to talk about limits then please talk about steam.

DrWan3488d ago

If you have been with GT's history, you know that Sony has always released Prologue. The project is so expensive, it's the only way for them to regain developing funds. I think if you are not interested, don't buy it, other wise don't b!tch about it.

OGharryjoysticks3488d ago

Steam is totally different. This is home console video games we're talking about. And from your crack against GT5 prologue it's obvious you didn't play it. Too was better than Forza and since you don't have a PS3 you can still try it at the auto show when it comes to your town because GT is usually there with all the auto companies.

N4g_null3488d ago

First of all you don't have to explain the car sims to me they are just like flight sims to me, a few notches above boring.

I really don't care for GT5 nor forenza they are both lame. Steam is not different we are talking about DD here and the article even mention apple so every thing is fair game why keep steam out of the debate unless you don't want to make your console of choice look bad?

No one is b!tching unless you count your self DrWan. SONY is not the model nintendo should follow. Steam is closer to what I'd like to see.

My personal preferences aside I enjoys what steam and nintendo's wiiware and VC services are doing right now. yet the model of demo is great on the HD systems. It's really too bad you can't give stuff away on live though. Also LBP content wrangling sort of sucked for many people.

Also I have lots of SONY products and we all know they don't pass saving to the customer. MS uses the leech model and mirco transactions like it's religion. Nintendo uses the memory model where you have to pay for the special memory, well so does SONY.

I think it helps out smaller devs more than any one right now since they don't really need these crazy publishing deals. Right now it's not a bad or good thing really.

I know mods and map downloads made FPS all the rage back in the day and even got lots of people hired.

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mirroredderorrim3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Short sighted thinking, imo.

(Apple); Microsoft and Sony are both pushing boundaries and making headway for companies like Nintendo, in the digital distribution area.

Nintendo owes their competition a lot for helping them get their start to carve their own presence in D.D.

snaz273488d ago

you do realise that DD is only really for the benefit of sony, ms, nintendo etc dont you? you do realise that by going fully into DD they will save boatloads of money on manufacturing (which btw loses people jobs!), cuts out the middle man (loses more jobs!), save on piracy (which sony have done already)... but how many of these savings will be passed onto the customer? where would you go to get the best deal? on say a sony exclusive game? you would have NO choice! and this to you is a rosey future? just think about it!.. now im not saying DD is totally bad, somethings like small games (zen pinball being a great example) are brilliant for DD, but full retail games? no thanks!

N4g_null3488d ago

LOL also where would you go to get your used games if every thing went DD? Also you do realize things don't drop in price as much online with these console because the shelf space is unlimited. Also SONY makes lots of money on selling blu ray disk to developers. Nintendo and MS both do.

It's only cool because you think it is new. Nintendo did this in japan during the N64 and on the snes also.

DrWan3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

They basically kill off illegal games and 2nd hand market, the only one that gets hurt are retailers and myself (big time second hand game owner). But hey if they do DD only and bring the price from 60 down to 35-40; it may work for me. I ain't paying 60+tax for any game..doesnt matter how good it is. I am waiting for price to drop at least to 40 which usually happens after a few months anyways. I can wait and play other stuff. (I am playing valkria chronicles now)

snaz273488d ago

ok firstly by reading your 2 messages you look like a hyporcrite! no offence but they defo give that impression, the first your giving some guy lip about him saying that sony sold a demo! when it wasnt quite just a demo but anyway besides the point, you said in that message that companies need to do that to make money so they can make more games etc.. but then in your second post you say that you wont pay for a new game at 60 bucks! but they need the money or no more games right? look the bottom line is they make MEGA money! you think sony has been in this buisness for 3 gens for fun?? or out the kindness of their hearts to give us gamers enjoyment? pfft yeah poor old sony and poor old loaded devs lmao... anyway will it going DD make it cheaper for us? well gtp was £29.99 retail (shops) and guess what? £29.99 retail (DD) so you tell me? it only went down a bit when the game was old old old... by that time you could get it much cheaper new on disc let alone preowned! same with burnout! PHYSICAL DISCS FTMFW

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Droid Control3488d ago

More like they don't want things to change, otherwise they might have to get their act together

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Well the reason they didn't have DVD playback on the Gamecube is because they said it was a Games Console not a movie player. The Wii is being moved more into multimedia realms though so it might come in through firmware.

DrWan3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Game console vs Movie console, whatever dude, I have been enjoying all my Playstations as multimedia+game console since day 1

Having movie playback along with your console does not make your gaming experience any less. It just make you console less capable.

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

That's the justification Nintendo gave for the Gamecube, not me!

SpoonyRedMage3488d ago

Well yes, the DSiware doesn't sell as well as the DS games, especially considering only 1/3 of Japanese DSi owners have downloaded the Moving Notepad which is free and a quite powerful bit of software.

Gr813488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Are expert business men. Iwata's business Savvy is awesome. He's letting stores like gamestop know that he is not interested in undercutting them. Also if you notice Iwata feels that used game sales would lower if people valued games more. Meaning make a great game so that the consumer doesn't feel the need to trade it in.

This makes the business relationship between gamestop etc. and Nintendo much stronger. Watch what this does to shelf space.