VGC Review: Swords & Soldiers

VGC writes: "Swords & Soldiers is a real-time strategy game (RTS), available exclusively via Nintendo's WiiWare service for 1,000 Points ($10/£7) and developed by the small team at Ronimo Games. What's unique about Swords & Soldiers as an RTS game is that it's built to function perfectly both as a console RTS and as a downloadable game. Key to this success is the use of a side-scrolling 2D battlefield, where individual units are completely computer controlled. This frees you up to focus on a few core tasks - you manage both your monetary resources and your energy/mana supply by deciding which units are built, which upgrades are bought through the tech tree, and by controlling most of the spells you'll see in the game – the overall effect is an RTS that's much more console-friendly than we've often seen in the past, although it's also less complex and strategic as well."

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