WorthPlaying: Fable II: See the Future Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Those who have spent any length of time with Fable 2 know that the land of Albion is full of mystery and adventure. Not long ago, heroes were whisked off to the fantastical Knothole Island to save a village plagued by extreme and variable weather. Now some new surprises have appeared, and while there are still daring deeds to do, they are significantly less substantial than any full-fledged hero might hope.

In Fable 2: See the Future, players start out by tracking down Murgo, the shopkeeper who provided little Sparrow and his sister with the music box all those years ago. It seems the old blaggard has a few new items on sale, namely a snowglobe and a skull. Of course, these items are actually cursed, but hey, that creates new adventure, so what's to complain about."

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