Windows 7: The Complete Guide

Gizmodo writes:

"We've covered Windows 7 from rumor to release candidate, which you can currently download and install for free. Now, it's enchilada time: Here's everything of value that we learned about Win 7, packed in a complete, easy-to-read guide."

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Raf1k14060d ago

'download and install for free'?

is this legit?

D4RkNIKON4060d ago

it is, only the beta. The final release will cost you a few dollars (I heard it might be pricey). I am a little interested in this, but not fully, no idea why. I still love vista despite all of the hate it gets from Mac users, Mac comercials, and PC users who use programs that aren't compatable. I myself have never had any problems with vista, all of my apps work just fine.

supernalle4060d ago

it's actually release candidate 1. And yes, it's free to install and use until June 2010 when it expires, but the final version is most probably out by then.

TheAntiFanboy4060d ago

Note to all: Release Candidate is the same level of quality as an actual release copy. Hence, it's a "candidate for release".

Vicophine4060d ago

Windows 7 is awesome =D comes with DX11.

mrv3214060d ago

I have little choice but I am considering installing XP again I never really use my laptop for gaming but it's the whole UI that really turns me off vista. I have dual booted my PC but as side from that I won't be loosing much work so here I come XP.

GEESE4060d ago

I downloaded Windows 7 RC yesterday and I have it on another partition as I type.
It's nice. But I can't see any speed increase over my Vista as of yet. though some people have said as much. Maybe a touch.

TheAntiFanboy4060d ago

I don't think there is. People just "say" it's faster than Vista, but it's not really the OS that's gotten faster, it's their computers.

Stev12124060d ago

ITS A HUGE IMPROVEMENT! but.... its still no OSX. 8/10 :D i also like the new task bar groovy :D

GEESE4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

It would have to step backwards ten years, use fat32 file system that has capped transfer speed, only control one mouse action, and be proprietary sh1te.

Now why would they want to do that? Apple already does that for retards with money. Maybe you think they want to get only 3% market share of PC's? Like Mac?