Like a phoenix, Circuit City rises from the ashes...

Gaming Nexus writes: "After closing its doors amid bankruptcy earlier this year, most assumed that the Circuit City brand was a goner. Well, apparently Systemax Inc jumped in and bought the brand name and the website on May 13th and are open for business again as an online only company. Systemax owns not only the SystemaxPC brand, but also, and CompUSA (who was rescued in much the same way as CC). So the parent company is reputable and should be familiar to PC gamers and enthusiasts."

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TheColbertinator3436d ago

Congratulations to Circuit City and Comp USA for avoiding the permanent plunge.

qface643436d ago

personally i still wouldn't shop there
heck they didn't even give out good deals during the liquidation i doubt i would find anything special if its business as usual

ForNgoods3435d ago

with how liquidation works? Once a company is at the point of liquidating its assets, the company is all but gone and the people running the show are a separate entity charged with the sale of the remaining stock. If you couldnt find a good deal during the liquidation it's hardly CC fault.

FamilyGuy3436d ago

Is actually a pretty good site, price wise it's great. If you're looking to build a PC they got really inexpensive bare bones kits and even already built, no-OS, PCs

-MD-3435d ago

They had the best deal I've ever seen in my life right before they closed

Samsung LCD 1080p 42" TV
Xbox 360 arcade

I couldn't believe it...

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