Will Sony Bring Back The Getaway 3 And Eight Days

CriousGamer Writes...E3 2009 will kick off in about a week from now and like every gamer in the world we too are jazzed about it, but it won't be a lie if we said that at the moment Playstation3 fans are more excited about E3 2009 then any other platform lover.

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Superduper094072d ago

I think Sony needs to bring these two games back. More exclusives are always great.

-Mezzo-4072d ago

because the only reason to cancel these titles in the first place was to focus on the games nearer to their completion.

BulletToothtony4072d ago

eight days looked very different.. felt like uncharted/heavy rain..

I hope to seem them again.. but as of now.. i don't even want to think about years end when i'm gonna have to buy like 5 games..

TheColbertinator4072d ago

I certainly hope The Getaway returns.It always had a more mature story than the GTA franchise

Raoh4072d ago

The way i saw Nathan Drake ducking for cover, flipping over tables for cover, shooting behind cover, dipping to another cover position etc in uncharted 2 made me think of eight days

Steve0074072d ago

I still go back to see the trailer and feel that this project should jump start again.

Sony Rep4072d ago

Hopefully the Getaway returns. Such potential as a franchise...

-Mezzo-4072d ago

agreed, well first 2 was a disaster but with the looks of 3rd 1 it seemed like Sony will get it right this time. Almost 90% exclusives by Sony have been grade A

TOO PAWNED4072d ago

If first two were disasters, then what the point in making 3rd one? Better start new IP, i mean change name, or people will always go "first two sucked".
Btw i really enjoyed first game, it also had primitive cover system that i liked at the time. It had many great ideas but somehow it didn't come together as it should have

-Mezzo-4072d ago

i agree with you (Too Pwned) but starting a new IP of GTA genre would be a nice idea and could turn into a bad one too as we see a new ip in this genre being developed everyday and they crash.

So continuing a title that has already sold some copies might be a better idea.

-Mezzo-4072d ago

Yes it had a mature story then GTA, but the story of Niko Bellic was amazing rest of the GTA stories weren't so great.

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The story is too old to be commented.