No neutrality in inFamous, because gamers don't do shades of grey

TVGB: "Sucker Punch's inFamous certainly isn't the first videogame to present players with moral choices, but it is one of the first to be blunt about the complete lack of a moral middle ground."

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Michael Jackson3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

uh there was no middle ground to being a jedi or a sith in star wars...
just like in so many other games.. actually, so many other games don't even give you a choice to decide which side you're on.. so quit b*tchin' and start playin!

lol the author completely contradicted himself with his last sentence. he probably knew that 90% of what he wrote was flamebait but was too afraid of getting burnt...

Milky Joe3436d ago

Yeah, I mean the fact that you can't choose to be neutral (i.e boring and without the extra powers you get for the different stages of good and evil) really is not worth writing even a sentence about, let alone a whole article.

And anyway, the whole point of this Good-Evil system (apart from the different powers) is that the people of the city will have differing opinions of you. I don't think it would be very realistic if you could just be neutral and indifferent because the reflected opinion of you would just be a "meh". And I don't think people would be "meh"ing someone with super powers, whatever moral decisions they make.

thewhoopimen3436d ago

This would be the neutral path choice: Don't do anything and walk away from the situation. lol, sounds exciting huh?

on a logical note though... you do start out neutral...

SullyDrake3436d ago

And that was the best RPG of last year.

jadenkorri3436d ago

but im what a fun game to be neutral, good, nor evil, i just don't do anything.....WOW 360 fanboys, how low are you, very lame article... Thats like playing oblivion and just walking around not saving/killing anyone/anything... Or playing GTA4 following the rules, no speeding, stop at red lights, obey traffic rules.... If you enjoy that, i suggest some other games, like russian roulette..

Chuk_Chuk3436d ago

The filter ain't working.

but seriously why was this approved it flamebait with an argument that holds no ground

MiloGarret3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

None of you understood the point. None. I even doubt you have a clear concept of what neutrality means.

The point of the article is not to say that players should be able to act like Switzerland, doing nothing or whatever, but rather that there should be a middle way because not everything is black or white. Reality is composed of various shades of gray. The game forces you to be either all good, or all bad, there's no middle way, which the author thought might have been a good idea.

It's not flamebait, it's a valid point. You morons make it into a flamewar when you comment not even thinking about what the author meant. IF you even read it, which I doubt.

Chuk_Chuk3436d ago

Then why was infamoused mentioned why couldn't he direct it at games in general.

TBH why should you be reward for being netural you are essentially doing nothing.

thewhoopimen3436d ago

Milo, perhaps you missed the concept of "sarcasm" in our posts...

Is it such sacrilege that this "great" game doesn't have a neutral path?

Milky Joe3436d ago

@Milo Garret

"The game forces you to be either all good, or all bad, there's no middle way,"

Erm, you haven't played the demo have you... There are 3 'shades' of good and 3 of evil. That's a total of 6 options, which means you are wrong.

rockleex3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

The game doesn't FORCE you to be super good or super evil. The game just has less rewards for you if you're neutral.

If you're so intent on being as neutral as you can, sure go ahead. You just won't receive specialized powers that only specialized people can get.

Btw, there are shades of gray no matter what moral path you choose in life.

For example, even if you choose to be super righteous, you're still gonna have to kill the enemies. You committed a crime to bring peace to the city.

Or you may choose to be "evil". You don't care if civilians die during your fights with the bad guys. But you still end up bringing peace to the city.

If you look at the Yin and Yang symbol, it is made up of one white side and one black side. But look closer and you'll notice that there's a black spot within the white side, and a white spot within the black side.

Beyond good and evil.

PrimordialSoupBase3436d ago

This whole good versus evil shtick winds up being pointless in any game.

Dark General3436d ago

I want neutral. We've had this discussion already about morality in video games that give you a choice some time again and I'm usually one of those neutral people. I usually play within int gray zone on my first run through. Not being a complete d**k but not being a saint either. Or in games like Infamous where it's either or, I choose to be evil.

Tony P3436d ago

Bioware games almost always have a neutral option. This isn't something no other game does. I like to have the choice when the good and evil choices are too extreme.

G: Give him all your cash.
E: Let him drown in his own tears.

Some games actually force you into that type of idiotic situation when neither choice is that great.

They say neutrality isn't exciting when in truth devs haven't taken the time to make neutrality an exciting option. Many seem to think neutrality should mean 'not getting involved' which is backwards if you're trying to excite your audience. In fact, it can be very exciting if it's all about balancing out your good and evil choices.

I mean, I come to N4G and I could pick a side in liking the 360 or PS3 or Wii more. But I choose to walk a middle path appreciating and criticising all three consoles on their merits. That is neutral but not 'on the sidelines'.

FamilyGuy3436d ago

Nails it on the head, perfect reasoning.

Also the city itself supposedly deteriorates if you're bad and improves if you're good so where would that stand in a shade of gray?

Dark General3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Look at some of the iterations of batman. Or the movie boondock saints or death wish. Some people will view you as doing something good and others as something bad. While others remain in the middle of how they respond towards your actions.

If you play "evil" why wouldn't more shadier npc's and groups be attracted to you? Maybe even try to incorporate you into their fold. Or the denizens that enjoy the chaos of the city would herald your efforts to keep things as they are.

When you play as good the cops would look up to you. You'd boost the communities morale and might even cause a mini civil war in the area. People trying to better the neighborhoods against the people who wants chaos.

Then there's the neutral ground where you work more towards only surviving. Doing mostly things that only work in your favor. Weather it be for the bad or good side it wouldn't directly matter to you. Think of it almost like a "gun for hire", when stripped of their morality or rather tossing it aside for the sake of your own survival things become interesting. In the "cities" eyes you could be looked at but nothing more than another inhabitant. To some that you did good for you could be looked to as a quasi hero and to the others you fought against as a enemy. While in reality you tow the line in the middle.

MiloGarret3436d ago

Well, lol, several replies coming up:

Chuk_chuk: I think it has to do with the fact that InFamous just released and that it is the most recent example of the issue.

theWhoopimen: If any of you were being sarcastic I apologize, I do have a problem detecting sarcasm on the interwebs.

Milky Joe: Yes I did play the demo, I really like action games so I downloaded it as soon as it was available. Not a huge fan of InFamous as of now, but I might get it anyways because I think it showed potential nonetheless. The fact that there are many options still doesn't detract from the fact that you are in effect forced to choose a specific path to maximize your powers.

rockleex: Seeing it from a different perspective, you could say that the game punishes you for not choosing to be completely good/evil, taking the "middle path" will cause you to be inferior than you would have been had you chosen a specific "side". Which is the point I'm trying to make.

So there, that's how I see it. Sorry for the foul language and insults, I was in a bad mood and happened to visit n4g, bad combo! And I want to clarify, I don't necessarily think the absence of a middle path is wrong, I just wanted to defend the author's point of view, which I consider to be valid though I don't actually agree with it.

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tplarkin73436d ago

Reveleation 3:16

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

PS3Freak3436d ago

How does that prove there is not middle?

PrimordialSoupBase3436d ago

Way to discount your own point.

Godmars2903436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

The game's just as much - more - about how people see you as you choose to interact with the world.

Depending on your actions people are either going to say "Here's that guy who shoots lighting, we're saved!" or "Here's that guy who shoots lightning, we're f*cked!" or "Why doesn't he do something!?"

They're never going to say "There's that guy who shoots lightning, 'meh.'"

PirateThom3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Dir_en_grey3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

but just wanted to comment on the topic of morality.

A gray moral middle ground is just an excuse so people can get away with themselves being an ass and not feel bad about themselves.

A heroic act is understood in every country, culture, color, or race, no matter where you go. Meaning of being a hero is simple: doing something that helps others just for the fact to help others and not for the goal of benefiting yourself.

Everybody's heard stories, read in books, or seen in movies how a hero acts and we all admire it, but I just don't get sometimes why people can't take that extra step and BE the hero. We all know the concept, and most of the time it's not even hard. People won't even take the time to open the door for somebody, even things like using the turn signal when you drive, let along letting somebody else into the lane when they turn on their signal.
Feeling lazy or whatever reason, being an ass is being an ass, there's no gray neutrality in that.

Who is to judge who's the hero though? Certainly not yourselves, but other people gets to. Every action you take that will interact with at least one other person, there is no neutrality on that because it will affect another person.

So back into the game. Of course you can be neutral in this game, just like real life; walk around and not interact with anything and anyone, then you can be neutral. What's the point in that though?

Dark General3436d ago

Excellent points. But games aren't just like real life. People you could have pissed off one day you might be helping the next day. Things are in a constant flux, so are relationships. Patching things up or creating feuds or just settling on a middle ground with someone.

Perception others have of you goes to more than just a good guy/bad guy. Some people you just might have a neutral opinion about not exactly loathing or liking you. As far as a video game example having to fight a guy and then maybe working with him in a side mission later on in the game could make you have a neutral relationship with him. He'd know that with you it was a sort of "just business" thing.

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