Super Rub'a'Dub 'Ducks & Sharks' HD

Downloadble Game "Super Rub'a'Dub" HD Video. (SD embedded)

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techie4280d ago

This game rocks!

April fools !

FunkYellowMonkey4274d ago

Awesome, just awesome - this game is amazing! At first i thought it wasn't all that after seeing how it transitioned from the E3'05 demo but now that i've actually played it and not based my opinion on a negative review (insert well known games review site), this game is really a lil gem! WOW! This game is so addictive it's scary! Think Marble madness crazyness combined with Super Monkeyball tilting shenanigans in water with gators, this is what this game's all about! The controls are spot on, your in total control and whenever you mess up it is YOUR fault and nobody elses, u'd just brush it off and have another go, and another and another, it's that addictive! hehe. When u come top in the top 5 online scores, your replay is automatically uploaded for all the world to see! heehehe

This is a bargain game at what, around $6? It's definitely a more justifiable purchase than flOw that's for sure!

Go download the demo, try it, enjoy it and see for yourself how fun this game really is!



~~~FunkYellowMonkey (PS3 tag)~~~

Marty83704274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

It's like Lemmings with Ducks. And very addictive. lol