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Playstation 3 Is Platformed Out With Bionic Commando & inFamous This Week, And It Reminds Me How Much I Love Super Mario 64

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "When I was little my favourite game was Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES. It was the one with all the original NES Super Mario games updated for the 16-bit power of the SNES. That game started my love affair with platforming games. I eventually grew older with Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, but since then, platformers have been rare. On the Playstation Ratchet & Clank popularised platforming and shooting action, but nothing's really matched the formula that Super Mario 64 provided for the 3D generation of platoform games. I think platforming moved on.

Now that I look back on it, Super Mario 64 was an open-world game; the castle providing the hub with various missions and side-missions built into the paintings you entered. In fact, where people are looking at Crackdown and Prototype for inFamous comparisons, I was thinking Super Mario 64 all the way through. Which is reassuring, because playing through inFamous made me feel just as happy as my Super Mario 64 memories.

I love inFamous. To be honest, the game has a lot of problems - graphics, framerate, voice-acting - but, I couldn't really give a crap because it's just so fun. Who cares if all the elements aren't perfect when the result is so entertaining? It's a question that leads me into Bionic Commando: I bloody love what I've played of that too."

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Max Power3462d ago

inFAMOUS is a platformer?

ExcelKnight3462d ago

Not really. It's got a lot of movement that could be considered platformer, but it plays far more like other sandbox styled games (GTA, etc.)

The demo might be a bit more confusing on that issue, though.

Anyway, I never overly liked Mario 64. While its gameplay is kinda good, I found that them applying the slip & slide functionality of the 2D games made for more frustration than not (without counting the tons of bugs that were discovered due to it).

Then again, most 3D platformers from the N64/PS1/Sat generation were exploring uncharted territory.

get2sammyb3462d ago

It's not inherently a platformer no. But there are elements of the platform formula in there. Hence why it brought back strong memories to the author.

gaffyh3462d ago

It's got some platforming elements