Square Enix holding back on E3 (Swine Flu fears)

Square Enix does not want to attend E3

Capcom isn't the only Japanese company that will have a more limited E3 presence than previously expected.

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fat-american4062d ago

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silverchode4061d ago

he sounds like a normal redneck american.

I did not murder him4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

He also sounds like the basic ignorant stereotype you get from people that have never left their village all envyous. He's not smart enough to figure out the USA is a collection of people from all over the world and is only just over a couple hundred years old?

theKiller4061d ago

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Mario184062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Well thats pretty bad excuse because both Square and Koei just don't have any games to show at E3. Square is scared of saying a release date for FF XIII because it will keep getting delayed and delayed thanks to the 360.

I doubt that if square and koei brought in they're whole staff that anyone is going to catch swine flu. Theres a bigger chance of someone dying of a heart attack of Sony's E3 show. Usually toddlers and around that age die of Swine.

Barack-Obama-Sucks4062d ago

They are stupid.

We dotn have swine flu.

The mexicans d0

BadboyCivic4061d ago

I see PS3 zombies blame the 360 for the about blaming the company that is making the game...Its all about greed and lack of imagination on square's part...there future depends on this game and they gambled quantity over quality...

Kakkoii4061d ago

You can tell by 1.1's name and comment that he's obviously an ignorant person devoid of any real intelligence. Who doesn't listen to facts, or unbiased news. But clings to his far..far right wing ideologies and won't listen to anything that contradicts his opinions.

USA actually has the most reports of Swine Flu.

People travel around a lot more than in Mexico, so it spreads quicker.

SuperM4061d ago

lol i cant believe how scared the japanese are of the swine flu. Its not any more dangerous than any other flu, its just that you are more likely to get infected since your not resistant to it. Every year thousands of people die of flu, but that because they are either old or have a very weak imune system.

LynyrdSkynyrd4061d ago

Am I wrong, or did I read somewhere that Swine Flu is less harmful than regular flu...?

theKiller4061d ago

there will be no swine flu problem!!

square enix should fail for their desertion on sony part!

BLuKhaos4061d ago

You're falling for it.That's probably that hitler kid going around trolling again, just report and continue on your way.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4061d ago

It's funny seeing Playstation fans with hurt feelings over FF XII.

Kakkoii4061d ago

@BLuKhaos: Yeah I know he's most likely a troll. But I feel inclined to put the facts out there for passerby's.

BLuKhaos4061d ago

You floppy retard Final Fantasy XII is still exclusive to us.I swear you Xboxers have an IQ as high as your console's defect rate.

Sarcasm4061d ago

"I swear you Xboxers have an IQ as high as your console's defect rate. "

Nah, just Jason 360. His attempts at sarcasm is laughable.

@jason FFXII was on the PS2 buddy. Or are you too retarded to realize your own stupid comment?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4061d ago

FF XIII I figured you guys were smart enough to realize that the missing "I" was a typo, guess not.

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DNAgent4062d ago

It looks like all of that garbage companies that make nothing but mediocre games will have only a small presence at E3. This really is going to be the best E3 in years.

ssipmraw4061d ago

whats the matter, parents finally tell you that you were adopted from a pack of wild pigs

rebirthofcaos4062d ago

I hope that wada get the swine flu because he is a pig.

samura4062d ago

Did you meet him in person or lived a few minutes around him to confirm that?

I hope this does not affect the unveiling of other companies.

Barack-Obama-Sucks4062d ago

How are they pigs. Just because they know 360 is where the money is

ssipmraw4061d ago

He WaS A PiG????

no wonder their games suck so bad

leeger4061d ago

yeah 360 is where the money is, that is why SE revenue went down, so please SE continue releasing exclusive 360 exclusive games please.

SuperM4061d ago

Yea look at how well The last remnant, infinite discovery and Star Ocean 4 sold on 360. The 360 truly is a true moneymaker for Square.

/end sarcasm

gaffyh4061d ago

2.2 - Look at his name it's confirmed, all Xbox fanboys are racist, ignorant 12 year olds. Lol

FarEastOrient4061d ago

One PSP game generated more revenue for Square Enix than all the Xbox 360 games released by them combined last year. I think the scaling back is more of a reflection of how they are tighter on their cash resources from backing up a platform that hasn't generated a profit for them.

Remember I'm a Square Enix shareholder... I want Wada-san out!

LynyrdSkynyrd4061d ago

How does that make him racist? WTF? Just because he doesnt like Barack Obama that makes him racist?

gaffyh4061d ago

No it doesn't I was joking dude.

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