x360a Talks Virtua Tennis 2009 with SUMO Digital

x360a writes: "Earlier on in the week we trekked down to one of SEGA's HQs in the UK, just south of London in Bretford, to sample the delights of Virtua Tennis 2009. We got chance to catch up with Toby Allen, Virtua Tennis 2009 Producer, and Kenton Fletcher, one of the game's designers. We touch on a whole array of talking points during the interview ranging from the yearly serialisation of sports titles, the competition, what's new this year and even Balls of Fury. It's a long one folks, so grab a drink ... and a tent and brace yourselves.

x360a: So it's been three years since the last title, what can we expect to see that's new and improved with VT 2009?

Kenton Fletcher: Well World Tour for a start. We've put a massive amount of focus into making that a huge experience split up into amateur and professional tours. We've got 500 new custom players. New events all over the place, the charity cup..."

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