Marketing Websites. Pointless Teasers. What's The Point? Of the last week or so there have been two teaser sites that have come to the mainstream media's attention. Those are namely the "NEXT" project from Kojima Productions and the Ubisoft Splinter Cell Conviction teaser site, but over the last few weeks there has been more movement in these marketing sites in the build up to E3. The issue is why do companies use them? I mean the drip, drip effect is a well established marketing ploy but these teaser sites that offer nothing more than a pre-rendered cut scene to show that the title is being developed seem pointless to me at least.

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villevalorox4067d ago

and that is what they want, The less we know the more we wonder and rave about it. Just look, it's almost like free advertising. It's smart for them, annoying for us. Just look at the Kojima one, it's all over the web. Everyone is wanting to know wtf it is and wanting to find out what this and that means. It's a good way to hype people up if you ask me :)/:(

ShabzS4067d ago

its to get the hype train rolling... "all aboard!! next stop industry defining game..."

morganfell4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

"Dumb blogs. Pointless blathering remarks. What's the point?" Could you use the word point again?

Someone is obviously a dullard. If the recent Kojima teaser proves anything it certifies that such marketing works. The biggest gaming story of the past week has been that teaser. It served it's purpose - buzz generation. If a writer cannot grasp that simple concept then they have no business dumping a blog on the more perceptive public.

phosphor1124067d ago

You beat me to it lol. Maybe if I didn't wake up at noon lol.

Raz4066d ago

Somebody's obviously peeved that the teasers don't give away more...

shadow-sentinel4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

The point? To increase hype and to make certain fanboys look stupid.

(The next Metal Gear is...+OMG GREEN, MGS4 360 CONFIRMED!!=MGS for Itouch/Iphone.)


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