Cardboard Senki : Official Website Launched

Level 5 has launched the Cardboard Senki's Official Website and you can discover new artworks about it on Portable RPG.

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sinncross3488d ago

This game is looking like it could be a lot of fun, but I'm concerned that it may lack multi player, which would be useful considering the story is about people who have little robots they use for fighting, sort of like Metabots... that anime was fun back in the day lol

rockleex3487d ago

There's a lot of customization. And at least 50-100 different robots to collect!

It should be a robot version of Pokemon for the PSP! >:D

UltimateIdiot9113488d ago

I hope this game is coming to the US. GO LEVEL 5.

jams_shop3487d ago

I'm so looking forward to play this game.