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nightelfmohawk3530d ago

The new clips look INSANELY good! That club scene looks like a moving photograph.

GVON3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

yeah the club looks ace.

the other scene looks and sounds as if it's very early,it's missing sound effects,music,lines of speech,also looks as if the fbi dude doesn't have all the facial animation in especially compared to mad jack.

What I love is the fact I may never see that junk yard scene,or any of the stuff shown in it due to the options I make,or take during or before that scene.hell on my first play I may have died with that character and never get near it.
The replay potential is really high for this game,and it's not like I'll be going over the same ground,one line of questioning could change the outcome of the scene,even taking some of that drug he's on could affect what happens in this characters part of the story.
He could go in high and start tripping out or something :)

Uzesgelen_Goo3530d ago

awesome and soooo interesting.
can't wait anyone know when is release date?

ActionBastard3530d ago

I agree with GVON. The replay is ultimately what makes this title stand out so much IMO. To know there is actual consequence for my decisions, parts of the game I will see that you won't and vice versa...effing sold man.

Elven63530d ago

Heavy Rain looks amazing, but given the track record of QD that really goes without saying!

I have a feeling North America is going to get the short end of the stick again since almost everything Quantic Dream has made was censored in North America. :(

kendostyle_3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I don't know guys.. I mean just pressing buttons that tells you what to press doesn't really sound fun to me.. Don't get me wrong.. It has amazing graphics and all but the point of the game doesn't really attract or interest me.. But I'm glad it's still getting love from other gamers!

rockleex3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

The only parts that are QTE are fight scenes. But even during the fight scene QTEs, you don't automatically lose if you mess up.

In fact, if you don't press some buttons, it will just lead to a different outcome. Of course, if you keep messing up eventually it will lead to the death of one of your characters.

Who knows, maybe during some fights, it would be BETTER if you don't press the right combination. O_O

The other segments of the game aren't QTE. Although it looks like a cutscene with QTE. Its actually gameplay, you actually have FULL CONTROL over your character.

If you walk close to a wrench for example, the Square button might pop up. And if you want to use wrench then you press square, if not then just walk past.

If you press square, your character might pick it up. If you suddenly get attacked your character will be able to use the wrench in battle, giving you a different set of outcomes than if you hadn't grabbed the wrench. Who knows, maybe you won't get into that fight if you didn't grab the wrench!

There's just so much possibilities!!

PS: The point is that you don't HAVE to press the buttons that pop up. They are just giving you an option to press it or not. Whether you do or not will lead you to different outcomes.

xxBATTLECATxx3529d ago

just import it, every ps3 game is region free so if they change anything just get the uk version, PLUS if there was a sex scene in Fahrenheit id say theres a good chance this main character gets neked too.

Ausbo3529d ago

uncharted 2 beats this game graphically. Looks good, but for interactive cutscenes i think uncharted 2 will beat it.

ThanatosDMC3529d ago

Whoa! Wow! Wtf?!

Innovation yet again!

So it's like a detective game? How are they gonna spin this one???

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2 cents3530d ago

This looks like my type of game. The older i get, the more i lose interest in shooters, but i can`t wait for this.

cmrbe3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

of being there done that with shooters, well for me at least.

Technology has advanced much in recent years that we are now seeing more advancement in story telling and not just graphics and gameplay. The result is game devs/designers like Kojima and David cage are now able to flesh out their visions of their games which by the looks of this trailer goes beyond of what we normally think of games which is great.

The problem i discovered with people that have issues with games like MGS4 or SOTC or in this case Heavy Rain is that they think of these games as your traditional games like COD4, Uncharted, Fallout 3, RC etc that are just evolution of games from previous gens. What i mean by traditional games are games that you will fight enemies constantly with short cutscene only to serve to link between gamplay segments and perhaps flesh out the story a bit.

Games like MGS4 and SOTC buck these trends and such a fair amount of people don't get them.

MGS4 as we all know uses a large amount of cutscenes which are very very important in how the gamer will experience MGS4. After playing MGS4 i felt like i knew every character i came across in MGS4 deeply. The long cutscenes not only fleshed out the story but also the characters for me. It made the characters more real and alive than any other game characters in the history of gaming. Add the fact that there are so many of them, Big Mama, Roy Cambel, Meryl, Johnny, Naomi, Octogon, Sunny, Riden, Liquid,Vamp etc which are all very different with a very complex story made it more amazing that Kojima managed to pull it off.This is a feat no other game developer has ever managed to pull off and i doubt anyone will ever will do so again.

SOTC is the complete opposite. I remember the fist time i played it from the begining i knew it was something very very unique. The long horse ride into a mystical land with the amazing soundtrack was really quite special. When i finally set out to find my first colossi i expected to encounter numerous enemies before i reach my first boss battle(1st colossi) and boy was i wrong. No music, No enemies just barren land lol!. It took me a while to explore and find my first colossi which was surprisingly very fun to do and when i did find my first colossi my jaw just drop down the floor. It was truly a sight to behold. Taking one down was even much more fun to do but what really got to me was how bad i felt about taking these giant colossi down, i never expected to feel like that.

Now we have a game like Heavy Rain which sets to provide something truly different again and yet people want it to conform to your traditional game mould which is sad. Sony have always encourage new type gaming expereince for example EOJ, Afrika, LBP etc. People shouldn't be surprise with their backing of Heavy Rain.

raztad3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


Yeah man SotC is an EPIC game. What a moments, each collossi is unique and awesome in its own way. SotC is very close to the top of my best games ever.

Though I dont mind to try some shooters, games like Trico, HR are needed to push mature content into the videogames market. It seems Sony is the only one doing that, taking risks in order to appeal a more mature audience.

HR probably will sell poorly even compared with PS3 games, but I think QD and Sony know that. Probably they will be happy selling 500K copies. Good luck to them.

ActionBastard3530d ago

I was trying to explain to a friend why I have a man crush on Fumito Ueda. You feel something for the characters in his games. Watching the Trico trailer Sev posted, I remember just smiling and already feeling a connection to the boy and the beast. The familiarity in the worlds and art style, yet distinct differences between the games is why Ueda > Kojima (and Kojima is brilliant IMO). I felt for Yorda in Ico. She was mine to protect. I felt a responsibility in SotC to bring my love back. To do whatever I had to. Even fight something the size of a mountain. Whatever the storyline is, day one purchase.

cmrbe3529d ago

HR is not your mainstream/traditional game so it will likely not sell as much as say U2 or KZ2. Most likely it will sell like ICO and SOTC. I would like more people to play and experience it though.

Sony have always been about creating new gaming experience to complement traditional gaming experience like racing, platform etc. This is one of the reason why Sony earns alot of respect from alot of devs and gamers. Sony knew a game like afrika, EOJ, Eye pet, flow, ICO etc will not set record sales but they support them anyways as they want to support and provide something different for different people as well.

@Action. Both game designers are perfectionist but both have very different approach to their craft. Ueda is a minalmist while Kojima is the opposite. Agree that you feel alot about the characters in Ueda's game but so do i for characters in MGS. What i find amazing with Ueda is the fact that he is able to invoke alot of emotions in players with little to no background information about the game and the game characters especially.Heck, even the recent TRICO trailer invoked more emotion in me than most full games out right now. Kojima on the otherhand especially in MGS4 use alot of cutscenes to fleshed out the game characters that make them real and as a result make you feel alot for them.

This goes back to what i said before. Gamers nowdays have a boxset mindset of what games should be that they are not open to new interpretations and new experience as they mostly expect constant gameplay that for example requires you to find cover, shoot and kill and then repeat all over again until you finish a game. A game like MGS4 with its long cutsceens are a big part of the experience. You will not experience the full MGS4 experience if you don't experience the cutscenes. Its Kojima's vision of his game anyways. What i find funny though is that when you have gameplay in MGS4 its more polished than say Gears and most other games out there and yet the haters only focus on the long cutscene lol!.

You have people like Cliffy B that doesn't get it as well. I am not surprise then that gears fans don't get it as well. I am in no way saying they are inferior but what i am saying is that they are just ignorant. People just hate what they don't understand. Experiencing games like Gears is like playing a B grade movie with uninspired game characters. The same goes for KZ2. GG really let me down with regards to character development and the script as well which i felt was just as bad as Gears. I really really hope they hire better writers for KZ3.

In the end. IGN and Gamespot editors saw what i saw in MGS4 and why IGN said if they could give MGS4 a 11 out of 10 they would do so. This is all the more reason why i love Kojima. He knew that there will be alot of debate about his use of long cutscenes but he went and did it anyways to fulfill his vision of him game which is imo a landmark game that will be remembered forever in gaming history. A true masterpiece.

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Kakkoii3530d ago

Awesome game. Wish they would at least port it to the PC after so it can be taken to it's full potential. But still looks amazing none the less.

killzowner3530d ago

to be ported to the pc? isnt this surpassing most pc games? dude, this doesnt need to go anywhere but in my ps3 BR disc drive. 50gig storage 4 games rox :) crysis doesnt have tht levl of character detail, trust me, Ive got it

Vicophine3530d ago

Crysis' character models are just trash.

Cock4Gamers3530d ago

But people thinking this game has better graphics than Crysis are grasping for straws here. Lets face it, Heavy Rain looks good, very good. However, Crysis is still superior in graphics, and even the character models. For proof of that look here:
No person in their right mind can say Heavy Rain's character models look better than that. And the lighting, from the vids posted here, aren't even close to Crysis. Now that that is out of the way I can say that Heavy Rain looks like it will be very fun. It looks rather interesting story wise and looks like something straight out of a Hollywood crime drama. Lookin forward to this one.

Kakkoii3529d ago

Wow, look at all the disagrees I got. What the hell?

I wasn't bashing the PS3. I was just saying it would be nice to have this game on the PC, where even better hardware is available that could make this game look "even more amazing".


I didn't say a thing about Crysis, so don't know why your suggesting that.

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Hydrolex3530d ago

I wanna stick it right in her .... lol

Ninver3530d ago

lol i feel you man. It is outrageous how real this game looks and it's only in the alpha stage. I can't even imagine the quality of the finished product. The game seems very mature to the point where even the devs are putting in sex and gore.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

That is what i said the 1st time i saw the PS3!!! ;-D

LynyrdSkynyrd3529d ago

Hydrolex - Youre a loser for wanting to have sex with a bunch of pixels.

Sir Ken - Youre a loser for wanting to have sex with a machine.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

At least i don't fantasize about bending over all of Lynyrd Skynyrd and doing them up the @SS, you loser!!! ;-D

Here you go -

Enjoy it!!! ;-D

LynyrdSkynyrd3529d ago

You see, I never said that I wanted to do that. You, the pathetic loser that you are, say that you want to have sex with a piece of plastic and metal. Loser.

And by your terrible, retard logic, I could say "DUHHHHH at least i dunt hav secks wit Sir Ken ;D ;D"

Douchebag. Get a life.

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