Microsoft's SideShow-enhanced PC gaming concept confirms hunch you can never have enough displays

Windows SideShow's reception in the marketplace since the launch of Windows Vista has been lukewarm at best, but they haven't given up. Now Microsoft is trying to breathe new life into Windows SideShow by illustrating some interesting applications of the platform to PC gamers.

A research study conducted by Microsoft earlier this year shows gamers are keen on a small Windows SideShow-powered touch-enabled and rotatable widescreen display to the tune of about 6.4-inches attached to the side of a monitor. If that wasn't enough, it's also suggested the display be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth so you could place it wherever. Since, Microsoft has ran with the idea showing how such a screen can benefit gamers.

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moe844057d ago

Hell yea!

That is all

360DownINflames4057d ago

Yes you can have to many displays. Even I couldnt justify the power usage and overall wear and tear on the monitors. 2 is just fine for me for just about all applications. Sometimes 3 does come in handy but tha 4th just sat around.

moe844057d ago

I think it really depends on what you are doing. For me, two monitors is more than enough. Hell I could actually settle for one and a half on most days. Having a small, convenient display that just shows you certain things would be nice. For instance, have your game up on the main screen and have your Nvidia System Monitor on the small one, along with Ventrilo or Team Speak program. Pretty much all I need a second monitor for when gaming.

I think racing and fps gamers would benefit the most from something like this. Rear view mirror ftw

Godmars2904057d ago

Why would they bother with it now with Windows 7 coming out?