Bungie Weekly Update: 05/22/09

Bungie writes:

"No meandering wordplay about the meaning of time or the results of our science projects in the opening of the update this week. Today, we're all business. And while we know you really want to read all about Halo 3: ODST, and that another week without any new information or even a meager progress report might feel like a kick right in the eye socket, trust us, we feel your pain.

That said, the proverbial gag order is going to get lifted soon. It might even coincide with a certain electronic expo slated to kick off in the very near future. While we can't get into the details of what, if anything, we'll be putting on public display, we can say that we're sending a small but agile strike force into the field. Keep your eyes to the skies.

For those sticking with the present tense, we have some June Matchmaking news, an update on Render-to-Video's beta progress, and a new screenshot contest poised to give you yet another shot at Recon armor."

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Xbots play games3436d ago

9 Days to go..

We'll finally we get to see the OSDT footage...

Life is good..