Lords Of Shadow Information And Reveal Trailer, Kojima's Assistance Confirmed?

A few hours ago news surfaced about a new game titled "Lords of Shadow" being rumored to be Hideo Kojima's next project, a little digging up of archives reveals that this game has already been announced by Konami way back at the Games Convention 2008.

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281219863436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

God of war cum castlevania clone with lengthy cutscenes telling one fricking epic story...Isnt exactly Kojima's flavor...

Nice3436d ago

that's big leap in terms of his projects which are essentially centered around post-modernist discourse....

Godmars2903436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Thought it was going to be a Boktai-type game, but no one believed me.

You all laughed at me. Laughed. Called me mad.

Well, who's laughing now?! WHO'S MAD NOW - BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"God of war cum castlevania clone with lengthy cutscenes telling one fricking epic story...Isnt exactly Kojima's flavor..."

Yes, MGS4 had nothing but short cutscenes...

xwabbit3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

This game was actually an exclusive to the PS3 1 year ago, now apparently its going multi

cmrbe3435d ago

It was a PS3/x360 game when it was announced last year.

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Nice3436d ago

How could you Kojima San How could you...

chidori6663436d ago

well.. mgs series still in ps3 only.

popup3436d ago

Maybe even the legendary Japanese loyalty can fall to it's knees when enough cash is presented or maybe he is passionate towards games and not platforms.

Either way, if you are making a film for 16:9 and 4:3, it is going to look different and compromised compared to one made especially for 16:9.

DNAgent3435d ago

It's multiplatform from day 1 and it's a new IP. It's nothing to be shocked about. It's not MGS5 or anything as that will be exclusive to PS3.

Nice3436d ago

are changing and so is Kojima...

PirateThom3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Well, I'm not surprised the devs are getting Kojima's assistance. This is their third game.

Clive Barker's Jericho had metacritic scores of 60 on PS3 and 63 on PC/360.
American McGee's Scrapland got 72 on PC and 73 on XBox.

With Konami publishing their latest game, it's obvious they want their best man on the job, to make sure they get something out of it... however, unless Kojima Productions take it out of MercurySteam's hands entirely, it's going to be another low scoring game and, in the case of Jericho anyway, god awful to play (never played Scrapland, so can't comment).

Forgive me for not jumping up and down for a game Kojima is "assisting" with. As I said previously, Tarantino's assistance to Hostel was to put his name on it, nothing more.

hatchimatchi3435d ago

these are the same guys that made jericho? That game pisses me off, it does alot of things right, but good lord there are so many bugs in the game and just retarded design choices. It could've easily been a solid fps.

shazui1233435d ago

then whats the Kojima-produced PS3 exclusive..... "wets pants" :D

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