The price of DLC… Quit Yer Bitchin'


"From what I understand, a bunch of basement-dwelling emo kids are upset that the price of the new Halo Wars DLC is so high considering that it's a measly 2mb download. Apparently some people need a few things explained to them."

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L80BelfDK3438d ago

For reals! Since when did the actual size of a download affect its value?

Twizlex3438d ago

Maybe you should read it before commenting. He's talking about how so many people are complaining that it's only 2MB and therefore isn't worth the price.

L80BelfDK3438d ago

Yes, thanks that was the part I was referring to.

menoyou3438d ago

The Halo Wars DLC are just rules for the matches. This takes almost no time at all to create and shouldn't even cost money. That's like Capcom asking you to pay money for the Championship mode in Street Fighter 4. It's just ridiculous and this article is full of crap, probably some Microsoft employee thinking that calling people emo is gona make them think "OH NO WAIT IM NOT EMO IM GONA GO BUY THIS TURD DLC, I LOVED BEING ROBBED"

Twizlex3438d ago

menoyou, I think the point is that simply complaining about it doesn't do any good if you still cough up the money and buy it anyways. Vote with your dollars and don't download the damn thing at all.

Wizeguy213437d ago

some people just like getting ripped off

brandonk1293437d ago

im not buying this dlc content im saving for fallout 3 or the next gears 2

poopface13436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

to shut up and buy what you like. If you like halo wars buy the DLC, if you think its a rip off shut the Fu#$ up. No one cares what you think. JUst dont buy it. Thats the point.

the INTERNET needs less whiners. Most people who complain probably dont have the game anyways. I dont, but like most people I want to complain. So ill cry about whiny people on the internet instead of complaining about every piece of [email protected] DLC that comes out that I think is over priced. Why? because I think that 95% of DLC is overpriced or worthless.

tHE WHOLE POINT OF dlc IS TO sift through the crap and find something that ads value to the games that you like. Any moron knows that everyone doesnt like the same games and so they wont place the same value on DLC.

In other words, just because I think halo wars is stupid and I never want to play it, doesnt mean that DLC is a rip off. It may add hours of enjoyment to someone who likes the game.

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Mario183438d ago

This guy needs to also stop b!tching. If people want to complain about something that they don't seem is right, let them.

h0tz0rz3438d ago

Freedom of speech and all that, but I would prefer people stop b!tching about it. There's been several unnecessary stories the past few days about people complaining about Halo Wars. You don't like it don't buy it.

Mario183438d ago

True that. But developers need to realize that some DLC shouldn't have a price to it. I mean ripping people off for additional costumes?
Give me a break! Those kind of things need to be included in patches for "Free"

h0tz0rz3438d ago

Yeah, totally. I mean, I'd be much more appreciative of free stuff, but some people don't seem to understand that no one is forcing people to get the DLC in the first place.

rhood0223438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )


Exactly right. A person is wholly responsibly for whether or not they download it. If they do, then moaning about the price (at least for them) is a hypocritical exercise. By buying it, regardless of HOW you feel about paying for it, you continue to feed the cycle.

The fact is, if no one bought these various packs, skins, or whatever other pittance of DLC devs decide to charge $10 for, the publishers might actually be forced to release this stuff in its intended state--free.

Or at the very least, have the DLC "unlocked" on the disc if its already on there.

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Cookigaki3438d ago

Everyone complain that not all games made by Cookigaki, and Cookigaki agrees. Every game should have ninja and boobs.

Vault Boy3438d ago

LOL, ninja and boobs. I gotta agree with ya there.

DNAgent3438d ago

You already bought a 360 so you're used to getting ripped off. You might as well suck it up and buy the Halo Wars DLC too.

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