CSM Review: EA Sports Active

Touted as a "personal trainer in a box," EA SPORTS ACTIVE is a compilation of more than 30 different physical fitness activities that can be combined in different ways to provide you with varied daily workouts. Joining you on your quest for fitness is your own virtual personal trainer (either female or male -- your choice), who both instructs and encourages you as you exercise. Also helping to motivate you is fitness guru Bob Greene of Oprah fame. The activities focus on three areas: cardio fitness (running, walking, high steps, and kick-ups modules), sports activities (tennis, boxing, dance, volleyball, basketball, inline skating, and baseball), and upper and lower body muscle training (lunges, bicep curls, squats, etc). For the latter, the game comes bundled with a resistance band and a special thigh strap to hold the nunchuk control.

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knox4068d ago

wow, nice score. still deciding whether or not i should buy this game. :\